9 money-saving secrets from top riders

  • Ask most top riders what their tips for saving the pennies are, and their resounding answer will be “don’t have horses” (or William Whitaker in particular: “Sell all your horses and take up golf”).

    But if giving up horses and taking up golf isn’t an option, what is the ethos of our top riders for keeping their accounts in order? From tapping into the knowledgeable people surrounding you, to taking the time to really watch top riders at shows, take a look at their advice for keeping in the black.

    Dan Greenwood, dressage rider

    Don’t try to save money on hay, haylage or hard feed — feed the best you can afford. It’s a false economy to scrimp on it.

    Steph Croxford, dressage rider

    Do everything you can in-house. [My husband] Simon and I manage the yard on our own with occasional help from the kids, but that can be more of a hindrance…

    Claire Hart, point-to-point jockey

    Muck out properly. It saves bedding, and makes for healthy horses.

    Joe Clayton, showjumper

    A great secret for saving money on training is to go to shows and watch top riders. It’s a free way to improve your riding simply by watching the pros.

    Polly Gundry, National Hunt trainer

    If you work hard enough and long enough hours, you don’t have time to spend money!

    Tim Lips, eventer

    Buy once and buy well. We go for quality, even though it costs more.

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    Simon Reynolds, showing producer

    Let your eyes be the judge and money the last thing you part with.

    Becky Edwards, dressage

    Don’t assume the most expensive thing is the best, always compare quotes, but never skimp on quality.

    Sam Ecroyd, eventer

    Having access to knowledgeable people can save you a fortune. It means you get purchases right first time around.

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