Would you jump these? Take a virtual walk around the 2023 Badminton cross-country course

  • With competition about to get underway at the 2023 Badminton Horse Trials, presented by Mars Equestrian, we take a look at what lies ahead for riders on the cross-country course on Sunday 7 May 2023.

    The course is approximately 6,700m in length and has an optimum time of 11min45sec. Designed by Eric Winter, how will this year’s Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course ride?

    Badminton Horse Trials cross-country course 2023

    1. Spillers Starter

    Badminton Horse Trials cross-country

    2. Bloomfields Horseboxes Keepers Table

    Badminton Horse Trials cross-country

    3. Tortworth Hotel Brush

    4 ABCD Savills Staircase

    Alternative 4D

    5AB Countryside Alliance Stick Pile

    Alternative 5AB

    6AB Joules Coronation Corral

    7. Air Ambulances UK Bullfinch

    8ABC Lightsource BP Hollow

    9. Izusu 4 bar 4

    10AB Mars Equestrian Sustainability Bay

    11. Rolex T Bar

    12AB Holland Cooper Owl Hole

    Alternative 12B

    13ABCD KBIS Brush Boxes

    Alternative 13BC

    14. Footbridge

    15AB Lightsource BP Pond direct route A

    15AB Lightsource BP Pond alternative route A

    There are three 15B options for riders to jump – the fastest is in the background of the above picture on the left, the second fastest is the fence in the middle in the background and the slowest route is the fence just in the top right-hand corner of the above picture, as shown in order below:

    16. Pedigree Dog Kennel

    17AB LeMieux Mound

    Alternative 17B

    18, 19AB Mars M Tables

    20. World Horse Welfare Jetty

    21ABC, 22. Badminton Lake  direct route on the left of the corner, alternative on the right of the corner

    Direct 21C

    Alternative 21BC

    Direct 22

    Alternative 22

    23. Project Pony Splash

    24. Beaufort Brush Box

    25AB Voltaire Design Huntsmans Close – first possible route

    Second possible route at 25AB – this one will be slightly faster

    26. Jubilee Clump Brush

    27AB HorseQuest Quarry – direct route

    Fence 27AB alternative route

    28AB Brewers Drays

    29. Rolex Pheasant Log

    30. Coronation Finale

    How to watch Badminton Horse Trials

    If you are interested in watching Badminton Horse Trials live from the comfort of your home, wherever you are in the world, you will need to subscribe to Badminton TV. To sign up, visit watch.badminton-horse.tv – click the “Sign Up” link in the top right corner of your screen, then follow the instructions. An annual subscription to Badminton TV costs £19.99 and gives you 365 days of access to all of the content in the Badminton TV library, the ability to watch the action live, and the option to replay all of this year’s action later.

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