What to wear for dressage


  • Advanced tests – uniform or tails with top hat, or black/navy coat with hunting cap, bowler or crash hat.
  • Prelim to Advanced Medium tests – uniform or conservative coloured/tweed coat, hunting cap, bowler, crash hat or dressage topper
  • Body protectors may be worn


  • Compulsory to wear a hat when on a horse
  • Crash hat covers should be black, brown or navy
  • B.S.I standard hats are recommended but not compulsory
  • Pony riders in U21 classes and run under FEI rules must wear hats with harnesses


  • Cream, white or beige, unless worn with specific uniform when they must match uniform colour


  • Compulsory


  • Must be black or brown, but can be top boots or jodhpur boots
  • Gaiters may be worn as long as they are of identical leather to the boot and have no patterns


  • Must be worn as a pair
  • Must be made of metal
  • No restriction to the type of shank
  • Rowels are permitted provided they are fitted vertically and are free to rotate
  • Rowels which have points must have rounded ends
  • Spurs that have a smooth rotating rubber or plastic ball on the shank are permitted
  • Young horse classes – only blunt spurs without rowels are allowed


  • May be carried in all National classes (except Area festivals), all championship classes, or at the request of the selectors
  • Whips are allowed in all 4 year old classes, including championships
  • Whips may not be carried in FEI pony, junior and young rider tests
  • Ladies riding side-saddle may carry a whip at any time

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