100 girls’ dog names for bitches

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  • You’re all ready for the new arrival. You’ve got the puppy bed, the training treats and the crate, but naming your new puppy is one of the most exciting moments of bringing the bundle of fluff home. Or contentious… Families can have protracted discussions about what to name the darling new addition. It’s a fine art picking exactly the right name that suits your dog and is unique but popular, while getting the syllable-count spot-on. (Try shouting “Angelina-Ballerina” across the park – too long, too flowery and ever-so-slightly embarrassing). If you have chosen a bitch, then you’ll probably be looking at dog names for girls – although there are plenty that work just as well for both genders.

    A few tips: two syllables is best. Any longer and you’ll be nicknaming the pup in no time, leading to confusion in your commands. Shorter, and you’ll probably add an “-ie” sound on the end: Rose–Rosie; Pink–Pinkie; Mole–Moley.

    The trend for popular culture names always ebbs and flows. Hopefully your wee pup will live well over a decade, so ask yourself whether you’ll still be happy with the name Barbie 15 years down the line. When Frozen came out, there was a 900% rise in dogs named after the film’s characters. Likewise, Moana, Ariel, Minnie, Nala, Arya, and Harley have all risen in popularity.

    Avoid naming your puppy anything too similar to members of your family or you’re inviting confusion. So, if your daughter is Ellie, don’t settle on Nellie.

    Whatever you alight upon, it needs to roll off the tongue, and suit the dog’s personality. Sometimes incongruity works best. I know a marvellous mini dachshund girl called Hippo – she makes everyone smile.

    The most popular dog names for girls

    In 2022, the top 10 female puppy names in the UK were:

    1. Bella
    2. Willow
    3. Daisy
    4. Lola
    5. Ruby
    6. Poppy
    7. Rosie
    8. Mabel
    9. Bonnie
    10. Nala

    In the US, Luna beats Bella at the top of the bill, while Penny, Sadie, Maggie and Lucy replace Lola, Poppy, Mabel, Bonnie and Nala. The Australians also love Bella, but Molly, Bailey and Frankie make it into their top 10.

    But perhaps you want something more individual. Here are three girls’ names for each letter of the alphabet:

    A Apple, Ava, Astrid

    B Blossom, Binky, Bluebell

    C Cici, Chilli, Coco

    D Ditzy, Dido, Dotty

    E Echo, Elsa, Evie

    F Freya, Fifi, Flossie

    G Gucci, Gypsy, Gretel

    H Honey, Hippo, Hera

    I Ivy, India, Iris

    J Jessie, Juno, Jasmine

    K Kiwi, Kimchi, Keiko

    L Lulu, Lucky, Layla

    M Minnie, Missy, Mocha

    N Nina, Noodle, Nova

    O Orla, Olive, Oreo

    P Pixie, Prada, Pepa

    R Roxy, Rosa, Raven

    Q Queenie, Quizzie, Quincey

    S Soda, Sienna, Snowdrop

    T Trixie, Twiggy, Tia

    U Urchin, Ugli, Una

    V Venus, Violet, Vega

    W Winnie, Willow, Wilma

    X Xenia, Xanthe, Xyla

    Y Yoko, Yara, Yami

    Z Ziggy, Zelda, Zenya

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