100 boys’ names for your new pup

  • How do you settle on a name for your new little boy dog? You’re all ready for the bundle of energy to hit your home, with the puppy bed installed, the puppy training treats in the pot, and the crate and puppy playpen set up, but choosing the name that will fit the dog for its whole life is a daunting responsibility. The range of dog names for boys veers from nature-related or sweet – Bracken or Toffee – to villainous (think Roscoe or Knuckles), to regal (Harry or Charlie).

    Maybe your dog has special markings that you want to reflect – Pirate or Spot – or that sums up his character (Bruiser, Happy). Or perhaps you have two new pups at once, and want a pairing (Flotsam and Jetsam? Willie and Wonka?) Whatever name you pick, it needs to be clear and easy to say – and not embarrass your kids or the dog-walker for the next decade of the pup’s life.

    A general guide to naming:

    • Two syllables is best: easy for the dog to understand, and simple to call across the park. Jiminy-Cricket is confusing to everyone.
    • Don’t pick a name too closely related to commands you want to teach your dog (No! Bo! or Fetch! Ketch!) or that other members of the family already have.
    • Names ending in a vowel can be easier for your dog to understand, according to the Kennel Club, because they force you to change your tone of voice, and that helps the dog pick out their name from other words in everyday conversation.
    • Hard consonants are easier for dogs to hear.
    • Try out a few names for the first week, and see which sticks with his personality, and you’re comfortable calling out on a walk.
    • Name him after something that inspires you – maybe a sportsman, a favourite film character or TV series.
    • And if you’re adopting an adult dog, this article is not for you – stick with the name he already has.

    The most popular dog names for boys

    In 2022, the top 10 male puppy names in the UK were:

    1. Teddy
    2. Milo
    3. Buddy
    4. Puppy
    5. Reggie
    6. Cooper
    7. Loki
    8. Max
    9. Charlie
    10. Bailey

    In the US, Max takes top spot, while Tucker and Bear replace Puppy and Loki. The Australians also love Milo and Teddy, but Archie, Murphy, Ollie and Alfie make it into their top 10.

    But perhaps you want something more individual. Here are three boys’ names for each letter of the alphabet:

    A Atlas, Angus, Amos

    B Balto, Bandit, Bruiser

    C Churchill, Crusher, Clifford

    D Diesel, Digger, Dexter

    E Edgar, Ezra, Einstein

    F Fidget, Frollo, Forest

    G Griffin, Gunner, Goblin

    H Humphrey, Hickory, Hector

    I Igor, Inky, Isaac

    J Jagger, Jasper, Jupiter

    K Kevin, Kobe, Ketchup

    L Lester, Lincoln, Luca

    M Major, Moose, Maverick

    N Nelson, Nipper, Nemo

    O Odie, Ozzie, Otis

    P Paco, Phoenix, Peanut

    Q Quaker, Quinn, Quigley

    R Rocket, Rascal, Rooster

    S Skipper, Starksy, Scooby

    T Truffle, Toto, Tiger

    U Urchin, Utah, Uno

    V Vandal, Vito, Vinnie

    W Whistler, Whisper, Wilson

    X Xylo, Xander, Xavi

    Y Yeti, Yogi, Yodel

    Z Zeus, Zorro, Zippy

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