Best mane and tail detanglers 2018: Horse & Hound’s tester ranks her favourites

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  • The best mane and tail detanglers for horses are easy to apply and keep the mane and tail hair free from tangles for as a long as possible. There are a wide range of mane and tail detanglers available, with some designed to be used as a coat shine spray as well. The best sprays do not attract dust or leave the hair greasy and help to repel dirt.

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    Horse & Hound has been working with a number of professional riders, trainers and yards to put a range of products to the test in a busy yard environment. And here are the results…

    Meet the product tester

    The shampoos and washes in this group test were trialled by Harriet Rimmer, who has previously evented to BE novice and competed in dressage up to advanced medium level. Harriet now spends her time running a livery, schooling and sales yard with a particular focus on hunting.

    Horse & Hound’s pick of the best mane and tail detanglers for horses 2018

    * BEST IN TEST *

    Cavalor Star Shine

    Cavalor Star Shine reviewRRP: £18.00 (for 500ml)

    “I was really impressed by this fantastic product. It detangles, softens and has a long-lasting effect. The shine it adds to the horse’s coat is second to none. It is a superior product compared to anything I’ve ever used before. Very, very impressed. It is more expensive than the others on test, but it’s worth every penny.”


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    * BEST VALUE *

    Equimins Ultra Silky Detangler Spray

    Equimins Detangler Ultra Silky Spray reviewRRP: £9.35 (for 500ml)

    “This product detangles manes and tails very effectively, without making them greasy or giving a matte appearance. It also repels dirt, which makes washing off much easier after a muddy day – an excellent time saver that we all appreciate! Tails are left untangled for a few days and you can rinse off anything which has stained their tails without using shampoo. It leaves a lovely feel on the horse’s coat if you spray it all over.”


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    Net-tex Mane & Tail Detangler Spray

    Nettex Main & Tail Detangler sprayRRP: £10.75 (for 500ml)

    “Very easy to apply and instantly starts working on detangling. You really don’t need to use much of this product – less is more – although if you do end up overdoing it by accident, it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. It leaves a lovely feel and shine when used on the horse’s coat. I like the effectiveness of the product, affordability and the feel it leaves. A very useful all-round product, which offers good value for money.”


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    Smart Grooming Tame the Mane

    Smart Grooming Tame the Mane reviewRRP: £12.95 (for 500ml)

    “This spray was effective, easy to use and left their tails very easy to brush and detangled for two to three days. I also noticed that their manes were left flatter and random hairs which usually sprout up while plaiting, were more manageable and stayed in the plait better! I can see it being very useful for horses with feather as it is long-lasting and could prevent the hair tangling up so easily in the mud and wet, although we didn’t have any suitable horses to test that on.”


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    Leovet 5 Star Detangler

    Leovet 5 Star Detangler reviewRRP: £11.95 (for 500ml)

    “When I first sprayed this product onto a horse’s tail, I loved the smell, but didn’t think it detangled very well. But once I left the horse’s tail to dry with the spray on, I couldn’t believe the difference. It does seem to add more of a condition to the hair, rather than a gloss, and I would advise that you left it on for a long as possible before brushing the hair through. It seems to nourishes the hair and provides more of a long-term treatment, rather than just a “quick fix”.”


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    NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler

    NAF Silky Mane & Tail D-Tangler reviewRRP: £10.99 (for 750ml)

    “I was pleased with the performance of this spray. It definitely makes detangling manes and tails easier and leaves a silky feel. It has a strong lavender smell, which I expect would be very beneficial in the summer to help keep the flies at bay! A good, effective all-round product, which would be of benefit to any yard. I did find it could make manes or tails greasy if you over did it on the spray. Less is more with this product, which also helps make the bottle last longer!”


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    SHOWMASTER Tail and Mane Silk Deluxe

    SHOWMASTER Tail and Mane Silk Deluxe reviewRRP: £16.90 (for 500ml)

    “Having got my head around the unusual bottle and spray method, I loved the instant detangling and silky feeling this product leaves. It is tricky to apply though as you have to keep pulling the trigger for application, you can’t just have a consistent spray. It certainly leaves a very well conditioned and high gloss finish and you can tell that it is more of a premium product, in comparison to some of the others on test. It’s a shame that the bottle lets it down as the product itself is excellent.”


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    Mastacare Mane and Tail Spray

    Mastacare Mane and Tail spray reviewRRP: £10.50 (for 500ml)

    “The product detangled tails and provided a gloss-like appearance, but not as effectively some of the others we tried. I like the bottle size and the affordability of the product, which is a basic, all-round spray. Definitely worth considering if you’re on a budget as it’s a slightly cheaper alternative, but the saving is only marginal so it really comes down to whether you want to spend a bit more on a more effective product.”


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