On trend in the ring: pet hates and modern day looks that have become fashionable in the showing world *H&H Plus*

  • Showing has witnessed many trends, but which have had the most impact? Tricia Johnson reports

    SHOWING – like so many aspects of equestrianism – is firmly rooted in tradition, but over the years, some trends have emerged while others have disappeared. Have these shifts all been for the good, though?

    Jamie Mead (née Jago) has seen showing from all angles. Her family showed for more than 70 years, home-producing and competing their ponies under the tutelage of Jamie’s mother, the late Ghita Jago. Jamie has ridden – and won – at the highest level, later turning to judging where she is much in demand.

    “One of my pet hates today is seeing lead-rein and first ridden ponies overbent with their heads fixed,” says Jamie. “Back in the day, they were very different; they were genuinely good-looking ponies suitable for children and not the finely tuned animals of today.

    This feature is also available to read in this Thursday’s H&H magazine (8 April, 2021)

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