Smart Grooming Tame the Mane: ‘good for unruly manes’ 8/10

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  • Smart Grooming Tame the Mane


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    Smart Grooming

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    £12.95 for 500ml

    Welcome to our group test of mane and tail detanglers. All of the sprays in this group test have been thoroughly tested by busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast Harriet Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

    Official description

    Smart Grooming’s Tame the Mane is perfect for taming and conditioning thick natural manes and tails, leaving them easy to manage and tangle free as well as keeping the mud away in challenging conditions.  Tame the Mane can also be sprayed onto thick feathers to keep them clean and easily managed.  It dries quickly, detangles fast and doesn’t attract dust.  It gives definition and holds manes in place, as well as enhancing the natural look of a full mane.

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    First impressions

    I thought this product was aimed at traditional breeds with longer manes and tails than my horses typically have, but I do have one horse on the yard with a particularly coarse mane, so was very interested to see how it would work on him.

    Overview of performance

    This spray was effective, easy to use and left their tails very easy to brush and detangled for up to two to three days. I also noticed that their manes were left flatter and random hairs which usually sprout up while plaiting, were more manageable and stayed in the plait better!

    Likes and dislikes

    I do like this product, although it does seem to be aimed at a particular market, rather than as an all-round spray. It is very effective though, especially on the horses whose manes are slightly unruly! I can see it being very useful for horses with feather as it is long-lasting and could prevent the hair tangling up so easily in the mud and wet, although we didn’t have any suitable horses to test that on.


    A great choice if you have a horse whose mane is slightly unruly!

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