Leovet 5 Star Detangler: ‘a good conditioning treatment’ 8/10

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  • Leovet 5 Star Detangler


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    £11.95 for 500ml

    Welcome to our group test of mane and tail detanglers. All of the sprays in this group test have been thoroughly tested by busy yard owner and hunting enthusiast Harriet Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

    Official description

    The Leovet 5 Star Detangler contains arginine – the essential hair nutrient – for better hair growth. This product provides sensational star shine, easy combing of mane and tail, and protection from dust and dirt for many days. It contains provitamin B5, panthenol, for healthy, nourished hair with lots of volume.

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    First impressions

    The product looks very professional and I was quite intrigued to see how it would compete with the others on test.

    Overview of performance

    When I first sprayed this product onto a horse’s tail, I loved the smell but didn’t think it detangled very well. But once I left the horse’s tail to dry with the spray on, I couldn’t believe the difference. It does seem to add more of a condition to the hair, rather than a gloss, and I would advise that you left it on for a long as possible before brushing the hair through. This product doesn’t put as much of a gloss on their coats in comparison to the others on test, but it definitely detangles and nourishes the hair effectively.

    Likes and dislikes

    I really like that this product works as more of a conditioning treatment for the horses’ manes and tails, rather than just a temporary gloss or shine. You can tell the difference in this product from the others as it nourishes the hair and provides more of a long-term treatment, rather than just a “quick fix”. If you wanted to use it as an instant detangler, I would suggest that you left it on until the hair is dry (post washing) and then comb it through. It’s different to the other products in the group test, but once I had learned how to use it properly, it was actually very useful.


    More of a long term treatment, rather than a quick-fix spray and go.

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