Best cooling dog beds for stuffy nights and hot days

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  • The best cooling dog beds are the ideal companion for nights that are so stuffy your pooch has trouble sleeping. We humans bring out the summer bed linen, try to sleep under just a sheet and do away with the heavy blankets. But have you ever noticed that when the temperatures rise, your dog seeks out a patch of cool, hard floor to lie on, rather than his plush best dog bed?

    Like us, our dogs sleep better if they are not struggling to combat the effects of hot weather, and so the more skin that is in contact with a cool surface to absorb their body heat, the better. No longer do they want to curl up and snuggle down in a soft nest. Your solution is one of the best cooling dog beds, which are often raised off the ground.

    Not to be confused with the best dog cooling mats, which typically contain gel to absorb heat from your dog’s body, a raised dog bed is ideal for summer and offers the best of both worlds. Not only will this provide support all night (and day) long, but also ensure plenty of airflow underneath him so that your pooch doesn’t overheat. (An added bonus of this style of bed is that they’re great for chewers, being difficult to shred.)

    Which cooling dog bed is best?

    Brian & Dany cooling dog bed with canopyBrian & Dany Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy

    Size: 121.9 x 91.4 x 109.7cm
    Capacity: Up to 54kg
    Colours: Silver or brown

    Reason to buy: Super-tough fabric and comes with carry case

    Made with high-quality 1680D Oxford fabric, enhanced with breathable mesh panels for ventilation. It gives full shade to keep your dog cool and block out UV rays. The canopy can be removed for indoor use.

    Raises the pet 23cm off the ground, giving plenty of space for air flow. It is portable, and therefore ideal for camping and holiday outings.

    The downside is there is only one size available, however it can take up to 54kg and is a decent size.

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    Bedsure raised do bed with beagle and terrier

    Bedsure Raised Dog Bed

    Sizes: S, M, L
    Capacity: Up to 38kg
    Colour: Grey

    Reason to buy: Good for small budget

    At 20cm off the ground, there is plenty of space for airflow to cool your dog down on hot days, while not being so high as to be awkward for dogs that struggle to jump up or down.

    The breathable tight mesh means fur, dirt and grime cannot cling to the fabric, which you can hose or hand-wash with mild soap.

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    iNap raised cooling dog bed with canopy

    iNap Raised Dog Bed with UV Canopy

    Size: M–XL (up to 60kg)
    Capacity: 10–60kg depending on the size purchased
    Red, black, blue or grey

    Reason to buy: Super supportive to prevent sagging

    This dog bed stands 18cm off the floor, to allow for less heat to transfer between the ground and bed – keeping it cool and calming during summer, and warm during the winter.

    It is a good option for dogs with arthritis or achy joints as it has orthopaedic features – a strong metal frame provides a firmer fit to the bed to prevent sagging, making it easier for dogs to get up after resting. The larger beds have support beams. As it is quite a strong and sturdy bed, it ideally needs two people to assemble it.

    The roof is anti-UV and water-resistant and can be easily detached.

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    Henry Wagg Elevated Dog Bed

    Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed

    Sizes: S–XL
    Capacity: From 10–65kg, depending on size purchased
    Colour: Grey

    Reason to buy: Attractive, sturdy and for all seasons

    The elevated position – 14cm off the floor – and side wall panels both allows airflow underneath the bed and keeps out condensation, so your dog stays cool in summer. The side panels create a sense of security for those dogs that feel exposed on a flat bed – this also keeps out draughts in winter.

    The tightly woven fabric cover does not absorb moisture from your dog and has a quick drying surface, while helps eliminate a build-up of bacteria, reducing odour and keeping your dog’s bed fresh.

    In the UK? View at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk, gsequestrian.co.uk or ebay.co.uk

    Veehoo elevated dog bed

    Veehoo Elevated Dog Bed

    Sizes: M–XXL
    Capacity: Size L can take up to 68kg
    Colours: Beige coffee, black, black silver, blue, brown, silver grey

    Reason to buy: high capacity and no tools required to assemble

    The elevated design is believed to keep dogs cool, hygienic, and free of odours. It is easy to clean – you can hose it with water and allow to dry, or wipe with a wet cloth.

    This is a great option for chewers. The edges of the anti-scratch mat are wrapped into the frame, leaving nowhere for the dog to get his teeth into. It is marketed as “indestructible and nowhere to chew”, and is designed to “last a lifetime”.

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    Bunty Raised Dog Bed with Sides

    Size: S–L
    Capacity: 10–20kg, depending on size purchased
    Colour: Black

    Reason to buy: Ideal for smaller dogs and won’t rust

    This bed’s frame is make from rust-resistant material, making it great for outdoor use. The bed is made of high-tensile canvas, making it sturdy and supportive for your pooch, breathable and easy to wipe clean.

    With handy sides, your pet won’t roll off his bed as he sleeps. However, they’re low enough for him to see out.

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    How to choose the best cooling dog bed

    Some cooling beds come with canopies, so that you can put them out in the garden with shelter from UV rays. The canopy can also provide them with a sense of security that a flat elevated bed does not naturally do, a bit like their own cave.

    Make sure that the dog bed is large enough so that your dog can sprawl, as hot weather will mean he doesn’t want to curl up tight. He’ll also be able to shift to cooler areas of the bed as parts warm up with his body heat.

    Other options to keep your dog cool on hot days include dog cooling jackets, paddling pools for dogs and feeding frozen dog treats. And be aware that you’ll need to replenish his water more frequently than in cooler weather and encourage him to drink – or give him access to a water fountain for dogs.

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