Hydrate and be healthy: best water fountains for dogs

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  • Accessibility to clean water is vital for all of our long-term health, including our dogs’. The best pet water fountains ensure a source of clean running water, to encourage them to drink whenever they want to. But there’s plenty of variety out there. Some water fountains have greater capacity, designed for larger dogs or multiple pets. You’ll want to pick one that is easy to clean and maintain; some have a quieter pump than others, and most people want to choose one they like the look of to complement their home.

    Some experts believe dogs prefer to drink running water, because ancestrally in the wild this would mean it is less likely to be uncontaminated than still and stagnant pools. So, fountains may play into your dog’s natural instincts and therefore encourage him to keep himself hydrated. On the other hand, some dogs may be shy of the water fountain initially, but should be easily encouraged by drinking water from your cupped hand near the fountain to start with.

    Aerated water stays fresher for longer, however you will still need to clean the fountain bowl regularly to prevent any bacterial growth. Most dog fountains come with filtration systems to trap dirt and chemicals, but also improve the taste.

    While all water fountains use power, some are connected to the mains and others run on battery power.

    Best pet water fountains

    Dog Mate water fountain is one of the best pet water fountains

    Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Drinking Fountain

    Capacity: 6l | Power source: Mains | Weight: 1.41kg | RRP: £35 |

    Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes, this water fountain has a large six-litre capacity, making it ideal for multi-pet households. It has an isolated pump for very quiet operation and a water ramp eliminates splashing.  The extra-large reservoir provides extended drinking capacity for overnight households, and there are platforms of reservoirs at different heights so each pet can choose their preferred level. It has three levels of filtration and the water circulates to ensure naturally oxygenated, cool water.

    Easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe bowls.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    Petkit Eversweet Solo water fountain for dogs and cats

    PetKit Eversweet Solo Water Fountain

    Capacity: 1.85l| Power source: Mains via USB cable | Weight: 904g | Colours: Blue, grey, green or orange | RRP: £29.99 |

    Made in a translucent material in the colour of your choosing, this fountain enables you to monitor your pet’s overall water consumption. The pump is ultra-quiet and has low energy consumption. When the pump switches off, it’s time to fill up the water.

    There is a smart LED light for water shortage and filter replacement. This fountain has two modes, smart and normal – either pumping constantly, or three minutes pumping and two minutes rest.

    Equipped with a high-performance purifying filter, composed of a cotton layer, a coconut shell activated carbon and an ion exchange resin. This triple filtration system provides healthy, clean and oxygen-rich water for your dogs and cats.

    For small to medium-sized pets.

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    Best pet fountains: Zeus Cascade is ideal for large and medium dogs

    Zeus Cascade Dog Drinking Fountain

    Capacity: 6l | Power source: Mains | Weight: 1.13kg | RRP: £55 |

    Designed to provide your dog with a clean source of continually flowing clean water and stimulate them to drink more. The stainless steel top offers a hygienic drinking surface that inhibits bacterial growth, and is dishwasher-safe.

    IT has a large 6l reservoir and elevated drinking surface, making it ideal for medium and large dogs, and also elderly dogs who may suffer from joint problems.

    The fountain has two water flow settings, gentle and bubbling, and triple-action filtration.

    It also has a LED water level indicator so you know when it’s time to refill, and this acts a nightlight for dogs wanting to find their water in the dark.

    Quiet, low-voltage pump.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or petsathome.com
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    Petmate battery-operated pet water fountain

    Petmate Fresh Flow Rain Fountain

    Capacity: 2.2l | Power source: Battery  | Weight: 907g | RRP: £51 |

    The Fresh Flow Rain Fountain can be used anywhere in your home without mains power, running on four D-cell batteries. It is the first fully battery-operated fountain on the market. The water reservoir and pump are self-balancing, allowing gravity to flow the water constantly.

    The lid allows water to pool at the top, creating a secondary drinking location.

    The pump automatically turns off to conserve battery life, and restarts after a period of time to repeat filling the water reservoir. It includes a filter to remove debris from the water being pumped up the tube.

    Suitable for dogs and cats.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or petsathome.com
    In the US? View now at amazon.com or petmate.com

    Petsafe Avalon water fountain for dogs and cats

    PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Pet Fountain

    Capacity: 2l | Power source: Mains | Weight: 2.71kg | RRP: £81.55 |

    The fountain continuously recirculates and filters your pet’s water, preventing bacteria growth and keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. Submersible pump for quiet operation.

    The ceramic bowl is easy to clean being dishwasher-safe, and looks great too. Includes replaceable foam filter to keep pump and water clean, by catching hair and debris, and a replaceable charcoal filter to keep the water tasting fresh.

    The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas, which is helpful for older dogs with joint issues wanting to drink at a higher level. Dual patented free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage dogs to drink more.

    Ideal for cats and small to medium dogs.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or petsathome.com
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    All for Paws garden water fountain for dogs

    All For Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain

    Capacity: N/A | Power source: N/A, connect to hosepipe | Weight: 760g | RRP: £20 |

    For those looking for a fountain that’s more of a toy than a drinking device, this doubles up to hydrate your dog while he plays. Connect it to the hosepipe or water source, and your dog has to push or stand on the pedal, which dispenses the water through a fountain. It has a wide lever and is designed for dogs of all sizes, but some users find that toy dogs struggle to put enough force on the pedal. Keep your pooch (and the kids) entertained and hydrated!

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or petsathome.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

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