Iconic black horses star in latest Lloyds bank advert: watch how it was made

  • Fans of the Lloyds black horse will be pleased to hear he has returned for a new advertising campaign.

    The bank revealed its new clip, titled By Your Side, on Friday (8 April) and has also shared a “behind the scenes” look at how it was made by creative company Adam&EveDDB.

    Set to a cover of Camille Yarbrough’s Take Yo’ Praise, the film opens with a scene many equestrians can relate to — battling with a tarpaulin in the dark to keep bales dry as pouring rain lashes down.

    The iconic black horse then gallops on past industrial buildings and up to a war memorial, passing behind veterans collected there.

    He moves on through woods before charging along a suburban street, through a car factory and out onto a beach to the wonder of a group of children.

    “Britain has seen a great change over the past 250 years and through it all we have been and always will be by your side,” says the voice-over.

    A total of four horses, from stunt company The Devil’s Horsemen, were used to make the advert.

    Amazingly, the footage shows that the clips of the equine galloping along were real and not superimposed.

    We are only as good as out horses,” said Daniel Naprouz of The Devil’s Horsemen.

    “Which is why it is very important we look after them. Horses are very similar to a river — you have to go with the flow.”

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    The teams used cameras on rails and even a cameraman riding a horse to capture the footage.

    “We rotated the horses to keep them happy and to make sure that they are confident in what they do,” he added.

    “They always add new challenges so you have to bring a horse you know is comfortable in the environment and will give you what is asked for in the time period that is asked for.”

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