Rider falls, an impressive tiny jockey on a veteran pony, and other things the horse world is talking about

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  • 1. Team chasing changes its rules on rider falls

    The governing body for team chasing has changed its rules on rider falls ahead of this year’s spring season, after trialling the one-fall-and-out rule last year. From now on, any rider that falls will not be allowed to get back on and continue their round. This comes alongside several other changes to the rulebook for this season.

    Read more about these rule changes

    2. A plucky young jockey showing us how it’s done

    A small but brave combination – Annabelle Hague, 11, and Timmy, 27 – have drawn support for their obvious enjoyment of taking on this decent bank and ditch and more when out with the Cross Country Chasers recently (18 February). The group enjoys rides organised by Annabelle’s father Chris Hague, and Tom Lancaster.

    Chris was former master of the North East Cheshire Drag Hunt, which amalgamated with the Cheshire Farmers Drag Hunt and became the Cheshire Drag Hunt. When that closed, members asked for something else. Chris said: “We couldn’t afford the hounds and everything, so this concept came of going out as a group, at the same pace as a drag hunt. We go by invitation of the farmers and give the money to charities of their choice.”

    More on the Cross Country Chasers

    3. Part rubber horseshoes

    Former jockey Robert “Choc” Thornton has gone into partnership with a manufacturer and farrier Aron Tyler in order to pioneer a new part-rubber horseshoe called Equishox. Made of lightweight, vulcanised rubber with an aluminium core, Robert believes these shoes could suit racehorses particularly.

    He was inspired by finding an original Öllöv SoftStep shoe – a vulcanised rubber shoe with a steel insert – in Aron’s van, with Aron explaining it was designed to reduce concussion on the forelimbs, and reduce the impact in the case of a knock.

    Find out more about these innovative new shoes

    equishox vulacnised rubber racing horse shoes

    The Equishox racing plate.

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