62 great horse books: voted for by H&H fans

  • Since the arrival of online forums and social media channels offering instant advice on every equestrian topic under the sun, is there still a place for tried and trusted horse books? We definitely think so.

    Clearly H&H social media fans agree, as when we asked them which horsey reference books they couldn’t live without, we were inundated with responses. There are a plethora of brilliant books out there, written by experts, which are relevant and useful for owners and riders of all levels.

    So here are the most popular horse books that H&H readers believe no self-respecting horsey bookshelf (or e-reader) should be without…

    Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship

    First published in 1950, this was by far the most recommended book by our social media fans. Regularly updated, the current 14th edition is as relevant now as each and every one of its predecessors were. For owners of all ages looking for an all-round reference book it’s still hard to beat.

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    Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners

    Another popular suggestion that many H&H fans described as their “Bible”, Captain Hayes’ Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners has been explaining equine health and sickness in a clear and concise manner for nearly 25 years. Currently in its 18th edition, it remains a comprehensive guide to horse medicine and surgery, explaining the symptoms and treatment of every disease of injury a horse owner is likely to encounter.

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    Other equine veterinary books suggested by H&H readers include:

    When it came to horse riding books about techniques and training, there was a wide variety of books being put forward. Among those suggested by multiple readers were:

    Horsey fiction is very nostalgic for most equestrians and some of our favourites – classic and modern – include:

    Some of our favourite equestrians have released autobiographies or had biographies written, including…

    Other books suggested by H&H fans included:
    Is your favourite equestrian reference book on our list? If not let everyone know about it below… Enjoy your reading.

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