7 of the best complete grooming kits

Here is our pick of the best grooming kits that contain all the vital brushes and equipment needed to groom your horse and pony with.

Buying a complete grooming kit is a good way to upgrade your current grooming kit, to give as a gift, for travelling or just to have a smart matchy, matchy grooming kit. All of the grooming kits below come in either a bag or a box so that you can keep all the items organised and together. If you’re intending to carry these grooming kits around with you, make sure the bag is sturdy and has a good handle, also that there is additional space in the bag or box for extra items such as fly spray and hoof oil.

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Lincoln Complete grooming kit

This complete grooming kit from Lincoln contains a tack tray with a body brush for all over use, a dandy brush to remove dried on dirt, a hoof oil brush for application of your favourite hoof oil, a dog bone sponge for applying water to the coat, and a hoof pick to remove debris from the sole of the hoof. The kit is completed with a mane comb to tease out knots, a plastic curry comb and a rubber curry comb for loosening dirt and loose hair, and a water brush for use when bathing.
RRP: £23.99
Visit: www.lincoln-equestrian.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

HySHINE Complete Pro grooming bag

A grooming kit that combines a variety of high quality grooming products from HySHINE in a convenient, easy to carry bag. The set contains a body brush, mane and tail brush, a dandy brush, a hoof pick, a face brush, a sweat scraper and a main comb to provide the finishing touches to the mane and tail.
RRP: £39
Visit: www.hy-equestrian.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Kramer grooming set

This kit contains a set of eight essential grooming tools in a portable plastic grooming box with transparent lid, movable tray for smaller parts and enough additional space for bottles or sprays.
RRP: £18.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Showmaster Laura grooming bag

Comes with a grooming brush, mane comb, hoof brush, flexible dandy brush, tail brush and hoof pick as well as a grooming bag made of dirt-repellent material with six outer pockets, two strong handles and a removable shoulder straps.
RRP: £27.90
Visit: www.kramer.co.uk

Horseware Rambo Newmarket grooming kit

This is a tough polyester grooming bag with detachable shoulder strap. It comes with a body brush, dandy brush, curry comb, face brush, mane & tail brush, hoof pick and a sweat scraper. Plus it comes in cherry, chocolate, navy, and gold colours.
RRP: £35
Visit: www.naylors.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Roma Deluxe grooming kit

This bag has multiple pockets and the Roma soft touch brush range. It includes a dandy brush, body brush, rubber curry comb, mane and tail comb, hoof pick, sweat scraper and sponge.
RRP: £29.99
Visit: www.naylors.com
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

Borstiq Grooming kits

Swedish supplier, Borstiq, make several grooming kits which contain traditionally made brushes, densely packed with mainly natural hair or fibre on a beech wood backing. All these high quality grooming kits are hand finished and good value for money. All kits contain three grooming brushes, hoofpick, mane and tail brush and tote jute bag with logo.
RRP: from £56.95
Visit: www.totallysmart.co.uk
Buy now at amazon.co.uk

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