What does your grooming kit say about you? 4 types of owners and their tack boxes…

  • They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but it seems okay in the equestrian world to judge a horsey person by what you find in their tack box.

    Chances are, if you’re friends with any fellow horse owners, you’re likely to have stumbled across each kind of kit box, from the modest to the lavish.

    So what does your grooming kit say about you?

    1. The hoarder

    You don’t mind having a hoarder on your yard as if you’ve misplaced anything, you can rely on them to have something to see you along the way. However, you certainly want to avoid sharing a tack room or feed store with them. Their grooming box consists of more empty bottles than the local recycling bank and their saddle rack is piled high with overflowing numnahs, sweat rugs and manky leathers. She insists that she’s having a clear out next week, but as time goes on the mountain of stuff just keeps growing. She knows those 5ft stable rugs aren’t going to fit her 16.2hh Warmblood, but throwing them out seems so wasteful, so they are just put away until they come in useful in the distant future…

    2. The minimalist

    This individual has no time for fancy sprays, matching sets or unnecessary supplements. They are big advocates of less is more and in the case of a grooming box, this includes a brush, a curry comb, a hoof pick and perhaps a sponge. While fellow yard goers sometimes wonder if they’ve never been tempted by the offerings in the local tack shop, her horse certainly has no qualms over the lack of high brand products and the consequential ‘over-fussing’ that can come with the most-dedicated groomer.

    3. The bargain hunter

    This is a seriously savvy shopper, who can smell out a horse-scented discount from a mile away. Their grooming kit is littered with over-marked price stickers and their entire collection was either bought half price, from a local tack sale or out of a Facebook buy and sell group. They are the king or queen of bartering and they believe that second hand stuff isn’t used, but well-loved and therefore essential. But be warned, while you wish you had their knack for scouting out the cheapest imitation fly sprays or collecting feed balancer tokens, don’t bother asking if you can borrow anything as you will definitely be shot down. “Buy your own” is usually the answer.

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    4. The must-haver

    This on-trend owner has all the new lotions and potions and the latest gadgets recommended by the top riders. They probably own three grooming kits; a box for at home essentials, a wicker basket for show day and another store with all emergency and pre-and post-competition stock. This person will have the latest coat shine sprays or anti-stain shampoos (no Fairy liquid here) before it’s even been released and they plan their competition season around which events have the best shopping.

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