13 household items that make our horsey lives easier

You don’t have to spend a fortune on dedicated products for your horse — not when you’ve probably got all these fabulously useful products at home already…

1. Brush-and-dustpan

Grab one at the local pound shop – far cheaper and more effective than the posh equivalent from the equestrian shop.

2. Sponges

Again, get all the sponges you need for eye-cleaning, bum-wiping, tack-cleaning and so on from your local supermarket or pound shop.

3. Microfibre cloths

Great at adding shine to a show pony’s coat – you’ll find these in any supermarket.

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4. Sudocrem

Every mum’s medicine cabinet staple for nappy rash, equally good at soothing insect bites, sunburn and minor abrasions on horses.

5. Baby wipes

A million uses for these, from wiping off grass stains on your horse’s coat to giving your tack a quick once-over.

6. Plastic potties

Buy a few and use them as a cheap alternative to pole pods – they’re stackable too.

7. Disposable nappies

Ideal for bandaging leg or foot wounds and keeping the area sterile.

8. Bathroom organizer

Grab one of these from a hardware store and hang it in your tackroom to store your scissors, brushes, bridle parts, treats and other bits and pieces.

9. Head torch

If your yard doesn’t have electricity, or you regularly need to trek down to the field at night to bring in your horse, a head torch (available from camping stores) will lighten up your life.

10. Baking soda

Safe for horses to ingest, this is very useful for cleaning water buckets, and can also be applied to white socks (horses’ socks, not humans) to brighten them up, too.

11. Rubber gloves

‘Nuff said.

12. Baby powder

Dust some onto your horse’s socks for showing, for extra whiteness.

13. Skin So Soft

A rinse with a solution of half Avon’s Skin So Soft and half water will clean your horse’s coat, adding shine and also repel bugs and flies. And you can use it on own skin, too!

What would you add to this list? Let us know below…

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