6 sacrifices we have probably made for our horses at some point

  • There are only 24 hours in a day, seven days in the week and 365 days in a year, so we can’t — as much as we like to think we can — do it all.

    Here are six things most equestrians have probably sacrified in the name of their horses…

    1. Relationships

    It can be hard for a significant other to come to terms with the fact that — no matter how hard they try — they will never, ever be the number one in a horse rider’s life. They might come a close second (unless you have numerous horses, or a dog) but unfortuately for them, that top slot is already filled. While you try to share the love as much as you can,  relationships can become increasingly strained due to this four-legged presence. The final straw was when you forgot your partner’s birthday but remembered your horse’s…

    2. Holidays

    Your friends have stopped asking you on group holidays (when we’re not in the midst of a global pandemic) as they know that you’ll either not be able to afford it due to farrier costs, vets bills and show entries, or will definitely prioritise a weekend of competing over a weekend with them. Your summer holidays are competitions and/or camps and if you do ever want a day off ,you’ll head to Badminton or Burghley to spectate — you wouldn’t have it any other way. Spa breaks aren’t really your thing…

    3. Working out

    Do you really need a gym membership or sports club to stay in shape? Daily yard tasks such as mucking out and lugging water buckets means you’re certainly not lacking in any fitness. You get your endorphin hits after an incredible lesson and your cardiovascular health only gets better as you run up and down the field trying to catch your horse.

    4. Money

    With horses, any money we earn usually goes in one hand and out the other. Saving is pretty much impossible. While ‘normal’ people might splurge on a nice bag or new car once their finances are looking healthy, we would rather treat our horses…

    5. Sleep

    Health professionals recommend humans get between seven and nine hours sleep per night. If you’re a horse owner then you’re likely to be surving on much less. Early mornings to get a quick ride in before work, late nights spent doing jobs on the yard and late night/early morning road trips to far flung showgrounds at the weekend. What is this sleep you speak of?

    6. Careers

    Not everyone lives to work and many horse owners have jobs to fund their equestrian dreams. While some careers are built in the office, many riders put the hours in so they can live out their passions once they get to the yard.

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