‘I told my husband it was buy one get one free!’ — and 7 other horsey confessions

  • When we asked you for your horsey confessions, we were inundated with your stories — from (unbelievably) cheap farriers and unwise boyfriends to ‘bargain’ horses. The perpetrators shall remain anonymous for their own safety (OK, so they can continue their deceptions without being caught out...)

    1. A (literally unbelievably) cheap farrier is hard to find

    “I had a phone call from my husband while I was waiting for a friend’s pony to jump at Horse of the Year Show. He’d told the lady in the bank to get in touch with me for my farrier’s number as, ‘She pays £70 for her horse to be shod and you only pay £16!’ Apparently, when he’d asked me some time ago how much shoeing was, he’d somehow misheard me when I said £60…”

    2. Priorities are important

    “I’ve left a job because they wouldn’t give me time off to attend a competition. My husband knew he came second place to the horse — why on earth would an employer expect higher priority status?”

    3. Who says horses cost a fortune in kit?

    “Everything I own, from ponies to rugs to my own yard boots were all bought ‘in the sales!’ Thankfully my husband never comes up to the yard but both of my storage rooms are packed to the rafters with stuff. I blame it on my girls, I have three that ride so they all want different things for their ponies. My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband sells it all for the price I told him I paid for it!”

    4. Some promises just can’t be kept

    “I promised I would stop at three. I have four!”

    5. Honesty in a relationship is over-rated (as is the ability to recognise your OH)

    “People ask: ‘How many horses do you own?’ My reply is: ‘Are you my husband?’”

    6. Wise men know never to do this

    “I had a boyfriend that asked me to choose between him and the horse. The fact he even stupidly asked was enough and I told him to pack his bag and leave. I had 13 beautiful years with my main man (my horse) before he sadly went to horsey heaven.”

    7. £40 is the magic number

    “I told my OH every time I bought some matchy matchy gear that it cost £40. He then bought me a set I really wanted and queried why it was over £100. I told him it was limited edition so more expensive!”

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    8. A bargain!

    “I went to a dealer’s yard for a kid’s pony that I saw advertised and came away with the intended pony — plus a youngster for me! I told my husband it was buy one get one free!”

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