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Welcome to the home of Horse & Hound’s horse care content online. This section of the website includes expert veterinary advice, general horse care tips, advice on feeding your horse, plus tips for buying and selling and the latest breeding news and advice.

Stock shoot with Emma and Mark Butler

Tongues — vital yet vulnerable [H&H VIP]

It plays a vital role in a horse's ability to graze nd swallow, yet the equine tongue is surprisingly vulnerable to injury. Here we discuss the importance of this organ…

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8 ways to enjoy the sunshine with your horse

Riders love sunshine, but the rise in temperature can impact on your horse. Make sure his time in the sun is as enjoyable as possible with the following handy advice

horses grazing on lush ground in paddock

Buzz off! 24 ways to beat flies this summer

The sun may have started shining (for now), but with it comes the prospect of pesky flies. We asked readers to reveal their handy tips for keeping flies at bay