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Welcome to the home of expert equestrian opinion on the Horse & Hound website. Below are the latest musings of our columnists, whose views are published first in Horse & Hound magazine each week. If you wish to read their columns online, you will need to become a H&H VIP. This costs from £3.99 a month and a free trial is available when you sign up. Simply click on a column to start the sign up process. Our website bloggers are only available online and their updates can be read free of charge.

Carl Hester

Dressage: Carl’s latest thoughts

Pammy Hutton

Dressage: Pammy’s recent views

Carole Mortimer

Breeding: Carole’s recent musings

Anna Ross

Dressage: Anna’s topical opinions

Mark Todd

Eventing: Mark’s latest opinions

William Funnell

Showjumping: William’s current views

Harry Meade

Eventing: Harry’s current thoughts

Richard Johnson

Racing: Richard’s latest views

Mark Phillips

Eventing: Mark’s recent reflections

Darren Edwards

Point-to-point: Darren’s latest musings

Graham Fletcher

Showjumping: Graham’s current views

Katie Jerram-Hunnable

Showing: Katie’s topical opinions

Laura Tomlinson

Dressage: Laura’s topical views

Robert Walker

Showing: Robert’s current thoughts

Rebecca Penny

Showing: Rebecca’s recent reflections

Richard Gurney

Hunting: Richard’s recent views

Stuart Hollings

Showing: Stuart’s latest reflections

Andrew Sallis

Hunting: Andrew’s current opinions

Mary King

Eventing: Mary’s latest musings

Brough Scott

Racing: Brough’s recent views

Julie Templeton

Showing: Julie’s current reflections

Ralph Beckett

Racing: Ralph’s current views

John Holliday

Hunting: John’s latest thoughts

Simon Reynolds

Showing: Simon’s recent opinions