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Regular features on HorseandHound.co.uk include how to watch major equestrian events on TV, our pick of the best tweets from the equestrian twitterati and our guide to equestrian things to do in the next seven days. We also preview major events, bring you useful training tips to help you get the most out of your horse and share your best pictures in our reader galleries. You can also enjoy our exclusive video interviews and how-tos.

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loading horsebox

12 tips for travelling horses safely

Travelling goes hand in hand with owning horses, but a bad journey can have dire consequences. Here are 12 ways to make transporting your horse as stress-free as possible

winter gloves

14 of the best winter gloves

Ensure your hands stay warm and comfortable at the yard and in the saddle with our selection of winter gloves

trot up banner

How to cope with navicular disease [H&H VIP]

There was a time when a diagnosis of ‘navicular’ referred to a vague and often untreatable foot lameness. We’ve since learnt more about this condition and refined our use of…

An Island fit for horses

Are you on the hunt for a horsey holiday read?

It’s not often that your typical beach read centres around polo. If you’re looking for light-hearted holiday reading with a horsey twist, An island fit for horses could be the…

Anne Bullen

11 horsey treats for Mother’s Day

If your mother wakes up at the crack of dawn to help you load up for a competition, stands uncomplaining while you cross-country school in horizontal rain or mucks out…

Lion Bridge Double at Burghley

6 top riders reveal their favourite shows

With the competition season looming, we asked six top riders from across the disciplines to tell us which events they most look forward to