Vizirider Hi Vis Vest review

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  • Vizirider Hi Vis Vest


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    • Additional visibility – especially in poor conditions
    • Good quality zip
    • Easy to use and adjust settings


    • Too long for me

    Price as reviewed:


    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest

    Anything to improve your visibility on the road is great – whether that’s additional hi viz for the rider or hi viz for horses – so I was keen to try out the Vizirider Hi Vis Vest, which is complete with LEDs to the front and rear.

    The vest has a front zip, which has held up really well. I often find the fastening is where my hi viz jackets have failed previously, whether the zips have broken or the Velcro loses its stick. However, this zip feels of good quality and I haven’t had any problems so far despite wearing it regularly over the last few months.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest LEDs

    The front LEDs are white, while those on the rear are red

    There are six white LED lights on the front, in addition to six red on the back. I like the differentiation of white and red on the front and back, as other road users will instinctively know if you’re approaching them or heading away. I suspect this is most useful in the dark – it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be hacking in the dark, but if I had to lead my horse down a road close to dark, for example, I would be glad to have it with me.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest button

    The button is easy to locate and use

    The lights have three modes – static, fast flash and slow flash – and it was very easy to change between them using the button that’s located by your left hip. I had expected a more fiddly switch, so this was a great discovery.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest Battery

    The battery/button sits neatly inside a little pocket on the inside of the vest

    It was easy to charge and you could do this via USB, so using a standard plug, on your laptop or even in the car. The battery sits neatly in a little pocket so that it stays in place and it’s quite easy to remove and reconnect for charging. The actual charge didn’t last as long as I expected (static up to 10 hours, slow flash up to 14 hours, fast flash up to 20 hours), but I was fiddling about with it a lot at first to test all the modes. I found I needed to charge it once a week – for context, I hack out four or five times a week.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest from front

    I wore it in the fog – and the lights added more visibility than the photos suggest. I did think as I was trotting along the edge of a large field that it would likely give other riders and dog walkers an extra few seconds to spot me, even if they weren’t sure exactly what was coming.

    The size guide recommendations suggested that I size up to fit my winter riding coat underneath, which was necessary. I’m an average UK 10 and the vest I tested was a medium. The medium a bit big for me to wear without a coat, but as it’s got the LED lights I’m more likely to save this hi viz vest for winter riding.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest from side

    The vest was a bit long for me – you can see where it rides up when I’m wearing a coat

    The main issue I had with this vest is that it was too long for me. When worn over my winter riding coat, I found it bunched up over my hips and not only was this quite annoying, but it meant that sometimes the lowest lights could not be seen at all as the vest did not sit flat against my back. Although it was still too long without a coat, the bunching didn’t happen so much. While this may be a good length for walkers, cyclists or long-bodied horse riders, I found it too long.

    Vizirider Hi Vis Vest from side with base layer

    When worn without a coat, it was still too long but did bunch up a lot less

    The RRP is currently £39. You can get hi vis vests much cheaper, albeit usually without the LEDs, but some equestrian brands come close to this price. I expect this jacket will last a few years, but I will need to wash it regularly to keep it looking bright. I washed it on a handwash cycle and it came out much cleaner.


    This LED vest is really handy when the weather’s bad. I probably won’t use it as a replacement for my usual hi viz jacket on an everyday basis because of the fit, but it will be my first choice when the visibility is reduced.

    Who tested the Vizirider Hi Vis Vest?

    Georgia Guerin looks after Horse & Hound’s shopping, fashion and product content. She owns a Norwegian Fjord horse who she hacks anywhere and everywhere.

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