Shires Tempest Plus stable rug *H&H Approved*

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  • Shires Tempest Plus Stable Rug


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Durability:
    • Value:


    • Robust outer and fastenings
    • No rubbing
    • Good rug depth and length
    • Good value


    • Fillet string is difficult to keep clean
    • Neck cover is fairly short


    Shires Equestrian

    Price as reviewed:


    Shires Tempest Plus 100g combo stable rug

    My first impressions of this Shires Tempest Plus stable rug were that it looked fairly traditional, with double buckle front fastenings, cross surcingles, a tail flap and soft filet string included. I am testing the combo version of the rug with the fixed neck and the 1200D outer looked like it would be hard-wearing.

    Shires Tempest Plus stable rug

    My horse is a middleweight Irish Sport Horse who typically takes a 6ft6in rug, which is the size we are testing. Both the depth and length of the rug was good on him, although I thought the neck was a little on the short side, especially when my horse put his head down to eat his hay off the floor.

    Shires Tempest Plus stable rug

    The two straps on the neck section fasten with hook and loop attachments. A useful tab on the end of the webbing strap makes them easy to slip through the metal loops when putting the rug on, and easy to pull undone when taking the rug off. There is soft plush material at the top of the neck.

    Shires Tempest Plus stable rug

    The cross surcingles are easy to adjust and have a rubber ring on the metal T-bar fastenings, which helps prevent them coming undone accidentally.

    Shires Tempest Plus stable rug

    Having used the rug pretty much every day for a couple of months, I’m pleased with it. It hasn’t slipped or rubbed. There are currently no signs of it rubbing out my horse’s mane. It has proven robust and has worn well. The fastenings are easy to use. On cold nights I’ve added a light under rug to it and my partly clipped horse has remained a good temperature. Although I was initially concerned that the length of the neck was a little on the short side, my horse appears quite happy and comfortable with it. My only recommendation would be to replace the basic cord fillet string with an elasticated and rubber coated one, as that would be much easier to keep clean.


    H&H Approved – This is a simple but well-designed, robust combo stable rug at a good price point.

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    Who tested this stable rug?

    Carol Phillips is Horse & Hound’s website editor, who has ridden since childhood. She has a seven-year-old Irish Sport Horse who has put this rug to the test.

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