WildWash Equine Natural Whitening Horse Shampoo *H&H Approved*

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  • WildWash Equine Natural Whitening Horse Shampoo


    • Performance:
    • Ease of use:
    • Value:
    • Long lasting:


    • Made from natural ingredients
    • PH balanced
    • Added coat shine
    • Hydrates the hair
    • Easy rinse
    • Removes surface dirt and stubborn stains


    • Higher end of the price scale
    • Would be helpful to have the option to purchase a larger size



    Price as reviewed:

    £16.95 for 300ml

    WildWash Whitening Horse Shampoo

    I was really excited to test the WildWash Equine Natural Whitening Horse Shampoo on my grey Connemara pony, Yogi, as it only contains natural ingredients and I like the idea that a whitening shampoo could remove dirt and stains without using harsh chemicals.

    When you’re washing a grey horse at least once or twice a week during show season, it’s best to use a PH balanced shampoo that isn’t going to irritate the skin, dry out the hair or impact the natural oil in the coat.

    The WildWash Whitening Horse Shampoo came in the most gorgeous little bottle, which was reminiscent of high-end hand soap bottles; this particular shampoo bottle would not have looked out of place in my bathroom.

    WildWash shampoo uses “a blue pigment derived from the chamomile flower combined with lavender and ylang ylang” and the manufacturers claim the products is a “definite first” and that there “isn’t another product on the market like it.”

    Other ingredients include angelic leaf, nettle, calendula flower and yarrow which all offer antiseptic and antiviral qualities and work together to clean the skin, encourage hair growth and promote the regeneration of damaged hair cells. It also contains neem oil, which can act as a natural known flea repellent and can also soothe the skin.

    WildWash products do not contain parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates, palm oils and PEGs. They can also guarantee that each product is made without animal testing and each product is made in the UK, which are both major selling points.

    The bottle comes with clear, easy to read directions to follow. It instructs to add shampoo to a bucket of warm water, before adding neat shampoo to the problem areas and working it into the coat directly.

    The shampoo produced plenty of soap when mixed with water

    I initially added a generous amount of shampoo to a bucket. It was quite a thick consistency, but it came out of the pump easily. The no-mess pump was preferable over a simple screw cap as you can control how much shampoo you want to use each time, and then you can easily close it up so it doesn’t spill. It made a good amount of lather when mixed with the water.

    The smell was divine; it was floral and you could really pick out the scents of lavender and chamomile. The smell stayed on Yogi’s coat for a few days after the wash, which would go someway in repelling insects and pests.

    Yogi before his bath in the WildWash Equine Natural Whitening Horse Shampoo

    I applied the soapy solution to Yogi’s coat, and found I needed to add some more shampoo to a sponge and then work directly over his coat. I then did as instructed and put some more shampoo onto his stained areas, which were his head and neck, and his hindlegs on this occasion. I also added some to his tail and worked into a lather using some cold water.

    On this occasion, Yogi’s head and neck areas were the most stained parts of his body

    I left the shampoo on for just over five minutes as instructed and began rinsing. It was very easy to rinse and only required one hose over and a quick finish with a bucket of clean water and a sponge. His head and his neck were considerably less stained than before and the yellow tinge had reduced significantly.

    The shampoo got rid of most of the staining, and it only improved as he dried off

    The pleasant smell transferred to Yogi and as soon as he was rinsed he had a visible shine on his coat.

    Admittedly, I was slightly apprehensive when I started washing as there wasn’t as much lather produced as with other shampoos I have used in the past, however once I’d added more shampoo the cleaning process really began and it worked wonders. I sometimes wonder if when using natural products you are sacrificing performance for other benefits, such as the lack of chemicals, but this shampoo did a great job in cleaning the coat and adding shine while making the hair shiny and silky to the touch.

    Yogi after his bath

    When I’m washing Yogi before a show I would usually choose a blue shampoo to finish off as this type of shampoo can really add extra shine to his coat that goes a long way in the show ring. As he dried off the stains became visibly less prominent, and as with most shampoos, with more use they are likely to improve.

    The price of this shampoo is £16.95 for a 300ml bottle, and I would predict I would get three washes out of one bottle. This means it would sit on the more expensive end of the price scale, but the fact it’s both natural and effective means it’s well worth the spend. WildWash also offers a subscription service; you can subscribe and save up to 10% on each bottle.


    If you’re on the hunt for something natural but effective, this shampoo is for you. It removes stains, adds shine and hydrates the hair, while giving you peace of mind that you’re not using harsh chemicals to get results. 

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or notonthehighstreet.com

    Who tested this shampoo?

    Alex Robinson joined H&H in January 2018 as showing editor and features assistant. She graduated from University of Leeds in 2016 and has freelanced for specialist equestrian magazines, including The Native Pony Magazine and has contributed to the National Pony Society annual journal for the past few years.

    Born and raised in the Lake District, Alex has grown up on the show scene. She has qualified and competed ponies at the Royal InternationalHorse of the Year Show (HOYS) and Olympia and has extensive knowledge of current issues in the showing world and the horses, ponies and riders who compete. She has a rare insight into the sector that comes with riding amongst the best at top level. She has produced a variety of rides to the highest level and has a passion for bringing on youngsters through the ranks. She has several ponies, mainly natives of all types, on the yard and rides most days each week before work.

    At H&H Alex is responsible for the all aspects of showing coverage and is continuing to cement its place as the leading publication for both reports and current showing news. When not writing, she will be found competing her own ponies on the county show circuit.

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