Full Badminton Horse Trials draw: find out when your favourite will start

  • The Badminton Horse Trials draw, for the event presented by Mars Equestrian (4–8 May), has taken place.

    Wills Oakden will be the pathfinder on Oughterard Cooley, with whom he finished 14th at Burghley Horse Trials last autumn.

    The last rider on course will be Tim Price on the Maryland 5 Star winner Coup De Coeur Dudevin.

    The draw was carried out in Badminton House by presenter Rupert Bell, assisted by five-star rider Daisy Berkeley (who is part of the Radio Badminton team at the event alongside Rupert), the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort and two of this year’s competitors, Laura Collett and Alex Bragg.

    Laura has her defending champion London 52 at the start of the draw, at number 10, so it’s likely the dressage standard will be set early on the first day.

    Oliver Townend, Harry Meade and Izzy Taylor all currently have more than two horses still on the entry list. They will all have to choose which two horses they start on nearer the time, but for now, all their horses have been given numbers and some have been given two numbers, so that whichever two horses a rider picks, they will always have one at the start and one at the end of the draw.

    Full Badminton Horse Trials draw

    1 Wills Oakden on Oughterard Cooley
    2 Fiona Kashel on WSF Carthago
    3, 4, 5 and 6 Oliver Townend on Ballaghmor Class, Tregilder, Swallow Springs or Cooley Rosalent
    7 Luc Chateau on Troubadour Camphoux
    8 Dan Jocelyn on Cooley One To Many
    9 Pippa Funnell on Majas Hope
    10 Laura Collett on London 52
    11 Tim Price on Vitali
    12 Ros Canter on Pencos Crown Jewel
    13 and 14 Harry Meade on Away Cruising or Cavalier Crystal
    15 and 16 Izzy Taylor on Happy Days or Monkeying Around
    17 Kirsty Chabert on Opposition Loire
    18 Tom Jackson on Capels Hollow Drift
    19 James Rushbrooke on Milchem Eclipse
    20 Anna-Katharina Vogel on DSP Quintana P
    21 Rose Nesbitt on EG Michealangelo
    22 Aistis Vitkauskas on Commander VG
    23 Austin O’Connor on Colorado Blue
    24 Padraig McCarthy on HHS Noble Call
    25 Andrew James on Celtic Morning Star
    26 Hector Payne on Dynasty
    27 Francis Whittington on DHI Purple Rain
    28 Lauren Nicholson on Vermiculus
    29 Alice Casburn on Topspin
    30 Gemma Stevens on Jalapeno
    31 Tom Rowland on Possible Mission
    32 Felicity Collins on RSH Contend Or
    33 Felix Vogg on Cartania
    34 Caroline Clarke on Touch Too Much
    35 Susie Berry on Ringwood LB
    36 Amanda Pottinger on Just Kidding
    37 Richard Jones on Alfies Clover
    38 Hollie Swain on Solo
    39 Kylie Roddy on Carden Earl Grey
    40 Greta Mason on Cooley For Sure
    41 Caroline Powell on Greenacres Special Cavalier
    42 Katherine Coleman on Monbeg Senna
    43 Gireg Le Coz on Aisprit De La Loge
    44 Alexander Whewall on Ellfield Voyager
    45 Aaron Millar on KEC Deakon
    46 Lillian Heard Wood on LCC Barnaby
    47 Arthur Marx on Church’Ile
    48 Tom McEwen on Toledo De Kerser
    49 Kitty King on Vendredi Biats
    50 Alex Bragg on Quindiva
    51 Bill Levett on Huberthus AC
    52 Michael Ryan on TR Kaygraff
    53 Kristina Hall-Jackson on CMS Google
    54 Tom Crisp on Liberty And Glory
    55 Harry Mutch on HD Bronze
    56 Arthur Duffort on Toronto D’Aurois
    57 David Doel on Galileo Nieuwmoed
    58 Selina Milnes and Iron
    59 Regis Prud’hon on Tarastro
    60 Lauren Innes on Global Fision M
    61 William Fox-Pitt on Grafennacht
    62 Michael Winter on El Mundo
    63 Emily King on Valmy Biats
    64 Georgia Bartlett on Spano De Nazca
    65 Bubby Upton on Cola
    66 Helen Martin on Andreas
    67 Emilie Chandler on Gortfadda Diamond
    68 Sarah Clark on LV Balou Jeanz
    69 Wills Oakden on Arklow Puissance
    70 Luc Chateau on Viens Du Mont
    71 Ros Canter on Lordships Graffalo
    72 or 73 Harry Meade on Away Cruising or Tenareze
    74, 75, 76 or 77 Oliver Townend on Ballaghmor Class, Tregilder, Swallow Springs or As Is
    78 Laura Collett on Dacapo
    79 or 80 Izzy Taylor on Monkeying Around or Graf Cavalier
    81 Fiona Kashel on Creevagh Silver De Haar
    82 Dan Jocelyn on Blackthorn Cruise
    83 Kirsty Chabert on Classic VI
    84 Pippa Funnell on Billy Walk On
    85 Tim Price on Coup De Coeur Dudevin

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