Q&A: Feeding balancers

  • Q: My horse is already on a balanced diet. Would he still benefit from a feed balancer?

    Nutritionist Christine Smy replies: Feed balancers can be fed to horses on a balanced compound diet as well as those fed straights.

    Some feed balancers claim they should be fed with just forage and no concentrates.

    This may be ideal for good doers who are not working hard, but performance horses will also require correct levels of an appropriate concentrate.

    Most concentrates do not contain yeast cultures or probiotics, so by adding a feed balancer, you will be providing these extras.

    They are particularly good for horses which are not fed adequate concentrates for the work they are doing, such as fizzy performance horses.

    A low-energy concentrate is more appropriate for these horses and as a consequence, they maynot receive enough minerals and vitamins. A balancer will increase these, so providing a balanced diet.

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