Hoof supplements: what’s on the market?

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  • Hoof supplements help horses contend with many things throughout the year – the weather is always changing, grazing quality fluctuates and your horse’s workload may change, too. Hoof quality is largely affected by diet, while external elements, including climate, management and care, also play an important role. Hoof problems, such as poor quality horn, slow growth and increased occurrence of cracks and splits, can often be attributed to nutritional deficiencies, but by providing targeted daily nutritional support with a specially formulated hoof supplement, you can maintain and support healthy hooves. Supplements can only improve the quality of new horn, rather than the existing, so if you decide to use a hoof supplement you need to commit to using it for a number of months before you will notice a visible difference.

    The main ingredient to look out for is biotin, which is a B vitamin. It is recommended that your horse receives 3mg/100kg bodyweight/day, which is equivalent to 15mg for a 500kg horse.

    If you compete with your horse then it is important you make sure any supplements you use do not contain any prohibited substances.

    Browse the wide range of hoof supplements for horses that are currently available below in our alphabetical list, which includes the manufacturers’ descriptions of its products…

    Aviform Biodura 

    Aviform hoof supplements for horses

    This is a balanced biotin hoof supplement that is designed for horses who have weak, cracked or brittle hooves.
    £24.95 for 500g

    Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine daily hoof supplement

    CDM hoof supplements for horses

    This hoof supplement contains the optimum levels of biotin alongside a range of other vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
    £41.50 for 6kg

    Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

    Cavalor hoof supplements for horses

    A quality hoof supplement that contains a more than just biotin, which aims to support the quality of the hoof in changeable weather.
    £75 for 5kg

    Dodson & Horrell Hoof Support

    Dodson & Horrell hoof supplements for horses

    A high-specification complete pelleted supplement that contains biotin, zinc and methionine, which all aid strong and healthy hoof formation.
    £18.50 for 1.5kg

    Equi Life Formula4Feet

    EquiLife hoof supplements for horses

    This supplement, developed at The Laminitis Clinic, has been formulated to help your horse grow strong and supple hooves.
    £36.74 for 7kg

    Equine America Super Hoof Powder Plus

    Equine America hoof supplements for horses

    A concentrated supplement that contains a range of active ingredients that support health hoof growth and horn quality, particularly for horses with slow-growing or flat feet.
    £25.99 for 500g

    Equine Products UK Bio-Trition ZMC Advanced

    Equine Products hoof supplements for horses

    This supplement contains high levels of biotin, as well as methionine and cysteine to provide extra support in the spring months when hooves are exposed to a range of weathers.
    £30.24 for 1.5kg

    Feedmark Hardy Hoof

    Feedmark hoof supplements for horses

    This product encourages the production of strong, resilient hooves as it contains an advanced blend of nutrients to optimise hoof health, growth and quality.
    £39.99 for 2.25kg

    Foran Equine Hoof Aid

    Foran Equine hoof supplements for horses

    This biotin-rich supplement is designed to aid hoof strength, with additional nutrients to support the development of healthy hoof horn.
    £35.95 for 1kg

    Global Herbs LamiPro Liquid

    Global Herbs hoof supplements for horses

    An advanced, fast-acting and palatable herbal supplement that provides nutritional support for the laminae, digestion, metabolism, liver function and feed utilisation.
    £18.50 for 500ml

    Hack Up Bespoke

    Hack Up hoof supplements for horses

    A bespoke formulation for hooves would incorporate a blend of biotin, methionine, zinc, calcium, lysine and other vital components required to promote strong hoof growth.
    £39.99 for 1kg

    Horse First Hoof First

    Horse First hoof supplements for horses

    This supplement contains biotin as well as other essential vitamins and minerals to help kick-start hoof growth.
    £23 for 750g

    KER Bio-Bloom PS

    KER hoof supplements for horses

    A dual-action supplement that contains essential hoof nutrients in proven levels to support hoof growth, plus fatty acids to support a soft and shiny coat.
    £69.20 for 2kg

    Mastacare Biotin

    Mastacare hoof supplements for horses

    A high potency hoof strengthener that plays a key role in the formation of keratin for healthy coat and hooves.
    £13 for 900g

    NAF Five Star Profeet pellets

    NAF hoof supplements for horses

    These pellets provide nutrients that directly support hoof health, as well as nutritional support that targets healthy liver function, which is fundamental to healthy hoof growth.
    £34.99 for 3kg

    Nettex VIP Hoof Builder

    Nettex hoof supplements for horses

    A no added sugar, advanced formula that provides building blocks for your horse to maintain strong and healthy hooves.
    £46.52 for 2kg

    Plusvital Acti-hoof

    PlusVital hoof supplements for horses

    This supplement nourishes the structures of the hoof from the inside out, providing all the nutrients for optimum hoof health.
    £27 for 750g

    Rowen Barbary Hoof Complex

    Rowen Barbary hoof supplements for horses

    This advanced forumla provides the necessary nutrients to promote strong and healthy hoof growth.
    £27.35 for 5kg

    Science Supplements 4Feet Plus+

    Science Supps hoof supplements for horses

    A specialist dietary supplement that provides a concentrated source of a highly bioavailable biotin, which means more nutrients are absorbed, leading to greater results.
    £39.99 for 1.5kg

    TopSpec Healthy Hoof

    Top Spec hoof supplements for horses

    This supplement includes biotin, plus a broad range of micronutrients that improve the efficiency of the hoof supplement.
    £22.50 for 3kg

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