Olympic eventing teams: who’s heading to Tokyo?

  • As the countdown to the equestrian competitions at the Tokyo Olympic Games continues, selection committees around the world have chosen their Olympic eventing teams.

    Under the new Olympic eventing format, teams will be made up for three horses and rider combinations, plus one alternate who can be swapped in at various stages of the competition under certain circumstances.

    So who’s made the grade and who’s missed out? We bring you the latest lists, updated from the FEI definite entries…

    Olympic eventing teams: latest updates


    The Australian team consists of:

    • Chris Burton on Claire Poole’s Quality Purdey
    • Andrew Hoy on David and Paula Evans’ Vassily De Lassos
    • Shane Rose on his own, his wife Niki and Michelle Hasibar’s Virgil

    The alternate rider is:

    • Stuart Tinney on his own and his wife Karen’s Leporis


    Austria has two individual spots, which will be filled by:

    • Lea Siegl on DSP Fighting Line
    • Katrin Khoddam-Hazrati on DSP Cosma


    Belgium is sending one individual rider, Lara de Liedekerke-Meier with Alpaga D’Arville.


    Belarus has two individual places, which will be filled by:

    • Alexandre Zelenko on Carlo Grande Jr
    • Aliaksandr Faminou on Martinie


    The Brazilian team is:

    • Carlos Parro riding Goliath
    • Rafael Losano riding Fuiloda G
    • Marcelo Tosi riding Glenfly

    The alternate combination is:

    • Marcio Appel Cheuiche and Iberon Jmen


    Canada has two individual places. The selected pairs are:

    • Colleen Loach and Peter Barry’s Qorry Blue D’Argouges
    • Jessica Phoenix and her own Pavarotti

    The reserves are:

    • Karl Slezak and Kirk Hoppner and the rider’s Fernhill Wishes
    • Hawley Bennett-Awad and her own and the Jollyby Syndicate LLC’s Jollybo


    The Chinese team consists of:

    • Alex Hua Tian on Don Geniro
    • Huadong Sun on Lady Chin V’T Moerven Z
    • Yinfeng Bao on Flandia 2

    The alternate rider is

    • Ruiji Liang on Agora De Bordenave

    Czech Republic

    The Czech Republic has two individual spots, which will be taken by:

    • Miloslav Prihoda on Ferreolus Lat
    • Miroslav Trunda on Shutterflyke


    Denmark has one individual spot, which will be filled by Peter Flarup on Fascination.


    Ecuador will send one individual, Nicolas Wettstein on Altier D’Aurois.


    The French team consists of:

    • Tom Carlile and Birmane
    • Nicolas Touzaint and Absolut Gold HDC
    • Christopher Six and Totem De Brecy

    Christopher was called into the team from the alternate spot when Thibaut Vallette had to withdraw Qing Du Briot IFCE. The new alternate is Karim Florent Laghouag on Triton Fontaine.

    Great Britain

    The British Olympic eventing team is:

    • Laura Collett with Karen Bartlett, Keith Scott’s and her own London 52
    • Tom McEwen with Fred and Penny Barker, Jane Inns and Ali McEwen’s Toledo De Kerser
    • Oliver Townend with Karyn Schuter, Angela Hislop and Val Ryan’s Ballaghmor Class

    The alternate is:

    • Ros Canter on her own and Caroline Moore’s Allstar B

    Ros replaced Piggy March as alternate.


    The German team was named after a final trial at Luhmühlen Horse Trials in mid-June.

    The team consists of:

    Andreas Dibowski is the alternate rider, with FRH Corrida.

    Christoph Wahler is the second reserve, with Carjatan S, and Anna Siemer (FRH Butts Avondale) is the third reserve.

    Hong Kong

    Thomas Heffernan Ho and Tayberry will represent Hong Kong as a sole individual rider.


    India has one individual spot, which will be filled by Fouaad Mirza on Seigneur.


    The Irish team consists of:

    The alternate is Austin O’Connor with Colorado Blue. The next reserve is Joseph Murphy with Cesar V.


    The Italians have named a four-man squad without specifying who is the alternate:

    • Susanna Bordone on Imperial Van De Holtakkers
    • Vittoria Panizzon on Super Cillious
    • Arianna Schivo on Quefira De L’Ormeau

    The alternate combination are Stefano Brecciaroli and Bolivar Gio Granno.


    The Japanese team consists of:

    • Yoshiaki Oiwa and Calle 44
    • Toshiyuki Tanaka with Talma D’Allou
    • Kazuma Tomoto with Vinci De La Vigne

    The alternate is:

    • Ryuzo Kitajima with Feroza Nieuwmoed

    The Netherlands

    Two Dutch riders will compete as individuals at the Games:

    • Merel Blom and The Quizmaster
    • Janneke Boonzaaijer and Champ De Tailleur

    New Zealand

    The Kiwi team consists of:

    • Tim Price and Vitali
    • Jonelle Price and Grovine De Reve
    • Jesse Campbell and Diachello

    The travelling alternate is

    • Bundy Philpott and Tresca NZPH


    The Polish team has been named:

    • Paweł Spisak and Banderas
    • Małgorzata Cybulska and Chenaro 2
    • Joanna Pawlak and Fantastic Frieda

    The alternate is

    • Jan Kaminski and Jard

    Puerto Rico

    Lauren Billys will be Puerto Rico’s sole representative, riding Castle Larchfield Purdy.

    Republic of South Africa

    South African has one rider at the Games, Victoria Scott-Legendre on Valtho Des Peupliers.

    Russian Olympic Committee

    Two individuals will ride under the Russian Olympic Committee banner in Tokyo:

    • Mikhall Nastenko on MP Imagine If
    • Andrey Mitin on Gurza or Kartel


    Francisco Gaviño Gonzalez with Source De La Faye will be Spain’s individual rider.


    The Swiss team is:

    • Robin Godel riding Jet Set
    • Melody Johner riding Toubleu De Rueire
    • Felix Vogg riding Colero

    The alternate is:

    • Eveline Bodenmüller riding Violine De La Brasserie CH


    The Swedish team is:

    • Louise Romeike on Cato 60
    • Ludwig Svennerstal on Balham Mist
    • Therese Viklund on Viscera

    The alternate is:

    • Sara Algotsson-Ostholt on Chicuelo


    Thailand will have a team of three at the Games, but no alternate.

    • Arinadtha Chavatanont on Boleybawn Prince
    • Weerapat Pitakanonda on Carnival March
    • Korntawat Samran on Bonero K

    United States

    The United States of America was the first country to confirm its selections for Tokyo, but later had to make a change due to horse injury. The team is now:

    The US travelling alternate will be:

    • Tamie Smith and Mai Baum

    When is the eventing competition in Tokyo?

    The eventing competition starts on 30 July with the first of three of dressage sessions running across two days, followed by the cross-country phase on 1 August and the final showjumping phases, plus team and individual medal ceremonies, on 2 August – view the full equestrian Olympic timetable.

    More Olympic eventing teams’ details will be added to this page as they become available, so be sure to come back soon for the latest updates

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