Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (24 July-9 August) will include three equestrian disciplines: dressage, eventing and showjumping. All three sports will be hosted at the equestrian park, which is located in the Heritage Zone in Tokyo.

The dressage is due to take place on 25-26 and 28-29 July, with the eventing on 31 July to 3 August and the showjumping on 4-5 and 7-8 August.

Derek di Grazia has been chosen as the designer for the Tokyo cross-country course, while Great Britain’s David Evans has been appointed as the course builder.

The Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (25 August-6 September) will include para dressage with the competition being held on 27-29 and 31 August.