10 brilliant body brushes you need in your horse’s grooming kit

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  • Whether your horse is clipped or not, this selection of body brushes will give your horse's coat a healthy shine.

    Body brushes are the best horse grooming brushes to remove the finer particles of dust and detritus from your horse’s coat and leave them with a good shine. The stiffness and strength of the bristle is important. A brush with stiffer bristles are good on horses with thicker coats, although a softer bristle can give a better shine and will be more comfortable for sensitive horses. The bristle needs to be made of a hard-wearing material such as polyester, pig hair or an other strong fibre, otherwise you will find they will not last. Lastly, a well designed shape to fit your hand will make your job of grooming easier.
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    HySHINE Pro Groom body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: HySHINE Pro Groom body brush
    This HySHINE Pro Groom Body Brush is ergonomically designed to make light work of brushing your horse’s body. Also, there is a handy strap where you can easily place your hand in to give you better control over the strokes. The brush has a blue cover and multicoloured bristles.
    Buy Now: HySHINE Pro Groom body brush from £8.34

    Roma Soft Touch body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Roma Soft Touch body brush
    This colourful brush has a soft touch handle that is contoured to the hand making it comfortable to hold whilst grooming.
    Buy Now: Roma Soft Touch body brush from £7.75

    Leistner Schimmel grooming brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Leistner Schimmel grooming brush
    Made with pure coco fibre, this brush removes all stains from light coloured coats and will be particularly useful to owners of grey, coloured and palomino horses
    Buy Now: Leistner Schimmel grooming brush from £15.99

    Cottage Craft Mix-Bristle body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Cottage Craft Mix-Bristle body brush
    This small body brush is good for small hands or for children. Features include a wooden back, fabric strap and mixed bristles to remove finer particles and dust and add a shine.
    Buy Now: Cottage Craft Mix-Bristle Body Brush from £5.96

    LeMieux Oval body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: LeMieux Oval body brush
    The LeMieux Oval Striped Body Brush features alternate rows of pig and horse hair ,complete with a leather strap. This brush is perfect for deep cleaning and putting a shine on the coat.
    Buy Now: LeMieux Oval body brush from £14.95

    Karoo Equine Crystal body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Karoo Equine Crystal body brush
    The Karoo equine body brush has tightly packed, strong and durable synthetic bristles, set into a dark wood body with quality crystal inserts on strap. Ideal if you like a bit of bling.
    Buy Now: Karoo Equine Crystal body brush from £13.55

    Imperial Flexi brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Imperial Flexi brush
    This brush has an unusual flexible design that moulds to your hand, the bristles are made of strong polyester and there is a canvas handle to help keep it securely in your hand.
    Buy Now: Imperial Flexi brush from £7.19

    Wahl body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Wahl body brush
    This body brush comes in varying bristle stiffness with a rubber grip, ergonomic shape and stylish design. We think the combo brush makes a good travel brush as one side removes tough dirt and with a quick flip, the other side adds shine.
    Buy Now: Wahl body brush from £12.99

    Horka soft body brush

    Best horse grooming brushes: Horka soft body brush
    A wooden brush with soft bristles, although there is also one with hard bristles one available. This brush comes in black, light blue, pink or purple.
    Buy Now: Horka Soft Body Brush from £5.80

    Gloria Design body brush

    best horse grooming brushes: Gloria Design body brush
    A brush available in two versions: either with pig hair bristles for coarse hair, or with horsehair for finer hair. The anatomically formed back minimises hand fatigue allowing you to work longer without discomfort. Ideal for those who enjoy spending a long time grooming.
    Buy Now: Gloria Design body brush from £34

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