Equerry Luxury XLH body brush: ‘great for quarter marks’ 9/10

Equerry Luxury XLH body brush


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Welcome to our group test of body brushes. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by event rider and BHSII Lisa Spence. Find out what she thought below

Official description

The Equerry Luxury XLH body brush is rectangle-shaped and leather-backed, filled with dense short fibres for a close-contact in-depth groom. The brush is finished with a wide leather handle, stamped with the royal warrant from The Queen.

First impressions

This brush looked well-made, up to the job and really professional.

Overview of performance

This is a good old fashioned brush — it cleaned the horse well, was comfortable to hold, lasted well and was easy to keep clean. I can’t fault its performance.

Lisa’s likes and dislikes

It was really great for quarter marks. I would buy again and definitely recommend.


*H&H APPROVED* A good old fashioned brush that’s particularly great for quarter marks.

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