LeMieux Heritage dapple body brush: ‘good for polishing and finishing’ 8/10

LeMieux Heritage dapple body brush


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Welcome to our group test of body brushes. All of the boots in this group test have been put through their paces by event rider and BHSII Lisa Spence. Find out what she thought below

Official description

The LeMieux Heritage dapple body brush is a natural horse hair bristle, which is preferred by professional grooms for enhancing the hair’s natural shine and anti-static. The stylish two-tone effect bristle gives the perfect resistance for a deep and therapeutic clean. A natural-grained wooden oval back is complete with a quality leather handle and beautiful solid metal LeMieux badge.

First impressions

This brush looked really smart and well made. I really liked the metal badge logo and thought it looked classy.

Overview of performance

This brush was very soft so I only really used it as a finishing brush. Being soft also made it good for clipped horses. It was comfortable to hold but I found that the handle was too big for me. It lasted well, was easy to clean and dried quickly.

Lisa’s likes and dislikes

Overall it was a very smart brush and nice for finishing. I would recommend this for a finishing polish for show horses.


A very smart brush — good to use for a finishing polish for show horses.

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