Are flies bothering your horse? Give one of these fly sprays a go

Equimins Extra Strength Fly Repellent

1. equimus

The Equimins Extra Strength Fly Repellent is effective and long lasting. It combines three active ingredients, two of which are herbal extracts, in a product that has been tried and tested in hot countries where they have biting insects all year round.
RRP: from £14.29
Visit: www.equimins.com or call 01548 531770

NAF Off Deet

2. deet

NAF Off Deet Power offers all day protection from flies and insect menace and is available in spray and gel form. NAF Off Deet Power is renowned for its repelling skills, helping you to combat the flying nuisances the warm weather brings. Available in sizes from 750ml to 5L.
Sizes available – 750ml spray plus free Tag, 2.5L refill, 5L refill
RRP: £13.99
Visit: www.naf-equine.eu

HPD Insect Repellent

5. HPD-insectrepellent

Horse and Pony Direct Insect Away with Deet comes in an easy to use spray and helps to ensure that your horse or pony is protected from flies, gnats and other biting insects by application to the skin.
RRP: £6.99
Visit: horseandponydirect.com

Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent Spray

6. Barrier Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent Spray 500ml

This super strength fly spray is 100% natural and has a non-stinging formula. It protects against flying and biting insects and can be applied directly, even on sore areas to soothe irritation. It is free from prohibited substances under FEI and HRA rules.
RRP: £11.99
Visit: www.naylors.com or call 01706 507555

Coopers Fly Repellent Plus

8. Coopers Fly Repellent Plus 600ml

Ready to use topical application to repel and kill biting insects, lice and flies. Coopers can also be used as an aid for sweet itch and even makes your horse’s coat shine. AVM-GSL approved and proven solution.
RRP: £35
Visit: www.naylors.com or call 01706 507555

Safe-Care Equine Fly Spray

9. safe care

Safe-Care Equine Fly Spray offers a natural approach to fly protection without toxins or irritation to help protect and support your horse’s skin’s natural equilibrium. Featuring lemon, tea-tree and cedar wood, this fly spray is gentle on the skin and harsh on flies and is HSE approved for an incredible 72 hours, which means you (and your horse) have peace of mind that this product does what is says on the bottle! Available in different sizes, starting from 750ml.
RRP: £9.99
Visit: www.safecare-equine.com or call 01294 832 529

Super Plus Fly Repellent

10. Super Plus Fly group

This multiple award winning Super Plus Fly Repellent is manufactured using the highest 100% natural ingredients that are effective and kind to the animal, the user and the environment. It deters larger biting pests and helps to protect against the effects of midge bite. The fly repellent also helps to nourish dry flaky skin and can be applied to sore areas to help soothe, calm and stop the need to rub.
RRP: from £11.40
Visit: www.flyrepel.com

Veredus Biocare: Raptor Fly Repellent spray

bio compo 001

This strong repellent protects horses against insects including stable flies, horn flies and mosquitoes. With built-in sunscreen, the efficient spray should be applied to the horse after brushing avoiding the eyes, nose and mouth.
RRP: £27.70
Visit: www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350

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