How to make fly spray for horses: Horse & Hound readers’ recipes

Sometimes it's our own secret recipes that work the best as we try to battle the summer flies — take a look at the suggestions below for inspiration

NOTE: Horse & Hound has not tested any of the following fly spray recipes and strongly recommends that you do a small patch test on your horse with any homemade fly spray. Readers use these recipes at their own risk. Horse & Hound cannot be held responsible for any allergic or other reactions that result from using these recipes.

Alison Elverson from Nottingham suggests:

  • 300ml citronella (available from most pharmacies)
  • 25ml lavender oil (also available from most pharmacies)
  • 4tbsp vinegar
  • 6tbsp Dettol
  • 2 cups of cold strong tea
  • Pour into a 2 litre plastic pop bottle and top up with water, then decant what you need into a spray bottle when needed

Adrienne Stewart from East Sussex suggests:

  • 15ml citronella
  • 2tbsp methylated spirit
  • 1tbsp washing up liquid
  • 4tbsp vinegar
  • 1/2 pint strong tea
  • Mix together and make up to 2 litres with tap water

Beth Barnett from Hereford suggests:

  • 3tbsp citronella
  • 4tbsp methylated spirit
  • 2tbsp washing up liquid
  • 8tbsp malt vinegar
  • 2 mugs of strong tea
  • 2 litres of water (approx)

Theresa Fryer, by email, suggests:

  • 250 ml of Avon Skin So Soft and Fresh bath oil (can be halved if midges are not bad, or your horse does not react to midges)
  • 5 caps of dettol
  • 1 teaspoon each of lavender, tea tree, citronella, cedar wood and eucalyptus
  • Top up to one litre with either water or cold tea
  • Spray twice a day and keep shaking regularly to keep the oils mixed

Becky Harris from Cornwall suggests:

  • 15ml citronella
  • 1tsp washing up liquid
  • 4tbsp vinegar
  • 2 tbsp methylated spirits
  • 1 mug of strong tea
  • Top up to 2 litres with cold water

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Ciara from Co Galway suggests:

  • 2 pints of stale beer
  • 500ml cheap mouthwash
  • 5 table spoons of Epsom Salt
  • Mix until the salt has dissolved
  • Pour into a spray bottle and ‘Bob’s your uncle’!