As we head towards summer and the weather improves, those irritating flies and biting insect start to appear. There are many ways to try and protect against these pesky insects, some owners like to make their own fly spray for example, while others report success with fly traps of various types, but here we have collated some of the best fly rugs for your horse.

When looking to buy a rug to protect your horse from biting insects it’s important to remember that they should have all the qualities of any good turn-out rug including secure fastenings and a good fit for your horse’s shape. The more of the horse’s body covered by the rug, the more protection he will have, but this may mean your horse will get warm on hot days. To avoid your horse from overheating, fabric should be very lightweight, light in colour and have some reflective and/or cooling properties. Other useful features to check include breathability, UV protection and the option to be used with or without a neck for added flexibility.

The Snuggy Bug Body

4. snuggy hood 2

The Snuggy Bug Body offers protection from poll to tail; it includes a belly flap, a lined hood and a tail guard, which wraps around the dock and a tail flap. The rug offers complete fly protection without the head coverage. It is elasticated behind the ears to prevent any unwelcome guests from getting inside the hood.
RRP: £144
Visit: snuggyhoods.com

Z-itch Sweet Itch Rug with Hood

5. z itch

The Z-itch sweet itch rug with hood is a well-priced, comfortable way to provide a barrier between the horse and biting midges and flies. The soft rug is made from tightly woven material that vents sweat and has elastic edges to ensure a close fit around the tops of the legs. It comes in three pieces for great protection, has a large tail flap and comes with belly and neck sections too. As an additional benefit, the rug also helps to reduce UV damage. Available in sizes 4’9” – 7’.
RRP: £81.31
Visit: www.z-itch.co.uk

Pro-Teque Air Fly Rug

This rug is crafted from a highly breathable 3D-ducted sports mesh fabric, which moulds to the horse’s body and channels airflow, helping your horse stay cool on the hottest of days. The anti-bacterial breathable nylon lining over the shoulder and neck area prevents rubbing and is comfortable against the horse’s skin. As well as offering protection from the flies, this fly rug reflects the sun’s heat and harmful rays, offering relief for horses exposed to long hours of sunlight.
RRP: £99
Visit: www.premierequine.co.uk

Bucas Buzz-Off Full Neck fly rug

This rug provides insect and UV protection for the body and neck of the horse. It’s made from a specially developed lightweight fine mesh fabric which blocks even the smallest of insects and reduces the effects of ultraviolet radiation. The belly pad not only ensures that the rug is kept in place, but also protects that area.
RRP: £79
For more info: bucas.com

Mark Todd Bug Rug

Manufactured in sturdy, breathable mesh fabric, this lightweight fly rug features a fillet string, double front T-bar closure plus hook and loop neck and belly straps.
RRP: £53.99
For more info: marktoddcollection.co.uk

JHL Essential Combo Fly Rug

This economically priced rug is manufactured in a breathable, tight weave mesh fabric. It features double front buckles with hook and loop neck fastenings, removable leg straps, cross surcingles and a tail flap.
RRP: £29.99
Visit: wefi.co.uk

Equiport Fly Sheet

This fly rug is a cool and comfortable solution to help protect against insects. It is stylishly finished with a brass buckle and is available in a range of colours.
RRP: £149
For more info: equiport.co.uk

Midgley Multi-Purpose Turnout and Fly Mesh rug

The seamless light blue top section offers both UV and weather protection, while the fine 135gsm net at the bottom of the rug provides both fly protection and breathability.
RRP: £50
For more info: whitakeruk.com

Fieldmasta Fly Rug

Designed to cope with changeable summer weather, this brand new rug is part fly rug, part super light turnout. It incorporates a domed neck and memory foam wither pad, with mesh panels to help air circulate round the mane thus preventing hair loss. The top half of the rug is breathable, waterproof 1200D ripstop fabric, with the lower part made from conventional fly rug fabric. The tri-vent shoulder gusset and anti rub lining ensure total freedom of movement.
RRP: £115
For more info: harryhall.com

Kensington Protective Sheet

15. weatherbeeta airflow combo

This rug is made from Textilene mesh, a highly robust fabric manufactured in the US that uses polyester fibres coated with PVC woven to a density of 1000 x 2000 denier making it virtually rip/tear proof. As well as providing excellent protection against biting insects, it blocks 73% of UV rays protecting against sun damage and is tailored to fit a wide range of horses.
RRP: £116
For more info: shadowhorse.co.uk

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Shield

This rug offers full body protection from biting flies and UV rays with belly flap, full wrap tail flap, ear hood with elastic insert around the ears and over the wither for complete protection and added comfort. It features Ezi-Clip front closure, 210T nylon lined shoulders, mane and tail flap and traditional side gusset for freedom of movement.
RRP: £89.99
Visit: weatherbeeta.com

Horseware Rambo Fly Buster Vamoose

14. kensington

This rug is made from a unique patented fabric that is super soft and comfortable, while offering UV protection. It is extremely durable and should last for many seasons. The rug is treated with Vamoose insect control technology to help repel insects and features a super size tail flap and extra deep sides for belly protection. Available in sizes 5’ – 7’3.
RRP: £176.25
Visit: www.horseware.com

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