Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug *H&H Approved*

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  • Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug


    • Fit:
    • Durability:
    • Performance:
    • Value:
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    • Generous cut is ideal for horses of a larger build
    • Very lightweight: ideal for hot days
    • Neck is long and removable
    • Material is robust with rip-stop properties


    • Material was quite stiff at first


    Swish Equestrian

    Price as reviewed:


    Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug

    My first impressions of this Swish fly rug was that it was very lightweight and there are a number of useful design features that made it look like it would be a really useful addition to my horse’s wardrobe. The material looked like it would be quite robust and the cut of the 6ft6in version was on the generous side. If you have a lightweight horse, then you might want to downside by 3in on their typical rug size.

    Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug

    The neck cover was longer than on other fly rugs I’ve tried, which meant it provided good cover all the way down the neck even when my horse was grazing. The neck cover has three fastenings, each of which are double Velcro and the outer strap has a useful webbing tab to make it easier to grab. The neck cover is removable, and is attached to the rug by two wide double Velcro fastenings, providing extra versatility.

    Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug

    The neck fastenings on the Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug.

    The front of the rug also has a double Velcro fastening, which I’ve only previously seen on more expensive brands, plus a pair of chunky but easy-to-open spring clips. There is a choice of two D ring positions to attach the clips to, giving some adjustability to the front of the rug, that would otherwise be missing. The rug has a faux fur wither pad and both the top of the neck and the shoulders are lined to reduce any chance of rubbing.

    Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug

    A close up of the faux fur pad on the withers

    The rug has good depth, with a shoulder gusset on the side to enable free movement, and cross surcingles, which encourage the rug to wrap under the belly to offer some additional protection to this area. The cross surcingle clips are fitted with rubber bands to help stop them from accidentally coming undone. The tail flag is also generously sized, with an elasticated strap to pass the tail through and a webbing fillet string to help keep the rug in place. This rug is not fitted with rear leg straps.

    Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug

    A close up of the cross surcingles on the Swish Nylon Fly Cool Rug.

    On first wear, the rug was a little stiff. I’m hoping that the material will become more pliable with use so it will start to hang closer to my horse’s coat.

    *Update one* We are about 10 days on from my first look review and I can confirm that the rug has become a little more pliable with wear, but it still doesn’t hang as softly around my horse as the Weatherbeeta and Bucas fly rugs do.

    Rug after some 10 days of use – neck cover removed for this picture.

    However, the rug has now got a few nicks in the material which I’m monitoring to see whether they extend into larger gaps/rips. Currently the ripstop nature of the material appears to be resisting it developing into a larger hole.

    The rug is showing a few nicks over the hindquarters.

    A close up showing one of the nicks in the rug’s material.

    *Update two* We are a couple of months on and this rug continues to perform really well. It is ideal to wear on hot days as it is very breathable and the small nicks in the fabric have not got any worse so no repair has been needed.


    A good quality really lightweight fly rug that is ideally suited to horses with a deep girth and a good length of neck to wear on hot UK days.

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    Who tested this waterproof fly rug?

    Carol Phillips is Horse & Hound’s website editor, who has ridden since childhood. She has a seven-year-old Irish Sport Horse who has put this rug to the test.

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