Get rid of flies with these handy fly gels

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  • The best fly gels for horses allow you to reach all the places that are tricky to target with a fly spray, such as around your horse’s head, to ensure he is still protected from flies and insect bites. Fly gels and creams are particularly handy if your horse doesn’t take kindly to a spray and can be applied by hand, with a cloth or sponge. When you combine a fly gel with a fly rug and fly mask, you can offer your horse a really high level of protection.

    Here’s a selection of the best fly gels for horses…

    Audevard Flymax Derm fly gel

    Audevard Flymax Derm

    Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £31.36

    This formula combines five concentrated essential oils as well as aloe vera extracts. The balm format and precision nozzle allow for clean and precise application.

    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

    Barrier Super Plus fly repellent gel

    Barrier Super Plus fly repellent

    Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £14.40

    Trusted by many horse owners, this fly repellent gel deters all flying insects and calms the effects of midge bites. The pleasant-smelling formula contains a blend of concentrated herbal oils, volatile essential oils and pure avocado oil, which is a skin and coat conditioner. 

    More info at barrier-biotech.com
    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

    Equine America fly gel

    Equine America Fly-Repel gel

    Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £17.99

    Described as highly effective against a wide range of insects, this natural gel contains eucalyptus oils and citrepel.

    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

    Hawkins Organic Buck Off anti-fly gel

    Hawkins Organic Buck Off anti-fly gel

    Sizes: 250ml | RRP: £12.95

    Containing natural ingredients, herbs and organic essential lemongrass oil, this gel is kind to the skin and suitable for horses who are unable to tolerate chemical based repellents or those containing DEET.

    More info and view at hawkinsorganic.com

    Leovet TamTam Vet Intensive fly gel

    Leovet TamTam Vet Intensive

    Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £17.30

    This gel contains natural active ingredients from geranium oil and eucalyptus-citriodora oil. It adheres to the coat for up to four hours, but can also be used be riders. The gel comes with a sponge for easy application. 

    More info at leovet.de
    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

    NAF Off DEET Power Performance gel

    NAF Off DEET Power Performance gel

    Sizes: 750ml | RRP: £16.99

    This concentrated gel repels flies, horseflies and other insects. Contains DEET.

    More info at naf-equine.eu
    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk
    In the US? View at us.sportsdirect.com

    Nettex Summer fly cream

    Nettex Summer fly cream

    Sizes: 600ml | RRP: £12.77

    This DEET-based cream is readily absorbed, non-greasy and does not dry the skin. It seals the hair and forms a barrier, while also moisturising and conditioning the area.

    More info at nettexequine.com
    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

    bio compo 001

    Veredus Bio Repel gel

    Sizes: 500ml | RRP: £25

    This non-toxic and hypo-allergenic natural gel is made of citronella, geranium and cinnamon.

    In the UK? View at viovet.co.uk

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