Buzz off with these 6 fly repellent gels

Keep those irritating flies and midges away with this great collection of repellents and be kind to your horse's muzzle by using these gels or creams.

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Fly Away Citronella Free Midge Away Cream

Fly Away Midge Away



This citronella free fly and insect repellent gives relief from midges and flies. This product contains a blend of natural herbs and the essence of pure essential oils, which combine to give a fragrance of citrus.

RRP: £14.99



Fly Repel Gel

Fly-Repel Gel 500ml

This natural gel is specially formulated for horses and ponies. It provides superior natural protection from the troublesome biting flies and can help to prevent the diseases they carry. Fly-Repel is an essential horse care product for long lasting fly deterrence.

RRP: £12.60



Extra Strength Fly Repellent Gel 3535

Fly Repellent XS Gel 250g copy

Highly effective, long lasting fly repellent gel made using 15% IR3535 to repel flies, midges and mosquitoes. Available in 500g, 250g and 50g tubs and the 500g tub should last just over a month.

RRP: 500g – £14.65, 250g – £8.50, 50g-£2.99



Veredus Bio Repel Gel


bio compo 001

Part of the Biocare line, this fly repellent gel is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and made of citronella, geranium and cinnamon. It is specially formulated for use on delicate and sensitive areas such as eyes and muzzle.  It’s also safe to use on skin abrasions.

RRP: £19.00



Effol Anti Fly Gel


This gel provides long-lasting protection from all types of flies even through heavy sweat. Effol Anti Fly Gel contains a potent combination of active ingredients which both protect and nourish the skin and coat.

RRP: £11.95



NAF Off – DEET Power Performance Gel


Long lasting protection against flies, horse flies and insect menace in convenient gel formula.

RRP: £15.99


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