Nail it! The best clippers to keep your dog’s claws in perfect shape

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  • Long dog claws won’t only wreck your floors, but can make it uncomfortable for your pooch to walk. The Kennel Club reports long claws as one of the top five most common disorders affecting dogs in the UK. Whether your dog’s claws need regular maintenance or a trim once in a while, it’s worth finding the best dog nail clippers to suit your pet and his routine. You can choose between manual clippers, or electric nail grinders.

    Dogs’ claws, like our nails, grow constantly. While in the wild, these might have worn down naturally, our dogs spend much more time on carpet and lawns than their predecessors. While walks, including on pavements and other hard surfaces will help, it’s likely that most dogs’ claws will need some trimming.

    Long claws may chip, tear, split or break – and possibly require veterinary treatment. Added to which, they are awkward to walk on, and this discomfort can affect the dog’s gait which in turn will make him more susceptible to joint issues and so on.

    For dogs that have dewclaws (inside the leg), these are never worn down as they do not touch the ground, so often require frequent clipping.

    The Kennel Club recommends owners get into the habit of clipping nails once or twice a month – so knowing how to cut a dog’s nails is an important and handy skill to learn. If the dog’s paws are handled habitually and he is accustomed to it, it should cause no stress, however consult your vet or a groomer if you need advice or a demo.

    Best dog nail clippers

    Mikki Scissor Claw clippers for dogs, cats and rabbits

    Mikki Scissor Claw Clippers

    Size: 23.1cm long | RRP: £11.99 |

    Designed for dogs, cats and rabbits, the Mikki Scissor Claw Clippers have precision-cutting blades that are heat-treated for maximum strength and durability. They feature a finger-rest for extra control when tackling tricky claws.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk, viovet.co.uk or petsathome.com
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    Ancol Ergo Dog Nail Clippers

    Ancol Ergo Dog Nail Clippers

    Size: 24cm long | RRP: £10.29 |

    Scissor-action nail trimmers that are simple to use, enabling you to get the job done quickly and safely. They feature a nail indent guide so you can accurately see where to trim and not cut too much off. They have a tempered steel blade that is durable and long-lasting, and a safety clip for safe storage.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.ukviovet.co.uk or petsandfriends.co.uk 

    Pecute Nail Clippers and file for dogs

    Pecute Dog Nail Clippers with Claw File

    Size: 22.9cm long | RRP: £7.99 |

    Stainless steel clippers with rubberised grip and ergonomic handles to give control while clipping and filing. The strong elastic spring helps save your energy and strength, for precision cutting.

    The nail file is ideal for small jobs, when you just need to pare back or smooth a single claw, for example. It’s handy for smoothing edges of clipped nails or just reducing sharpness.

    Designed for medium and large dogs.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk

    Wahl Nail Grinder for dogs and other pets

    Wahl Nail Grinder

    Power: Mains or battery | Size: 22.5cm long | RRP: From £10.39 for battery powered |

    Electric or battery-powered file to reduce the length of dog nails quickly and effectively. Ideal for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough nails. It has a safety cap and safety stop feature to prevent over trimming.

    Ergonomic design with a contoured grip to fit comfortably and securely in the hand, leaving the other hand free to hold the paw with the nail being filed.

    Suitable for large and small dogs, but can also be used for a range of pets, such as cats, guinea pigs, birds and rabbits. It has five attachments for different sized nails and is ultra-quiet for sensitive pets.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk or viovet.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com

    Casfuy dog nail grinder

    Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

    Power: Rechargeable battery | Colours: Purple, black, white, green, pink or navy | Size: 17.5cm long | RRP: £29.99 |

    This two-speed nail grinder uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder for safety and comfort. It is recommended by vets and pet grooming professionals.

    The trimmer features an adjustable, low-high speed design powerful enough to support heavy grinding. There are three ports to match small, medium or large pets, so you choose the appropriate speed and port depending on your pet’s size and nail hardness.

    The grinder’s motor has whisper-quiet technology, producing very low vibration to keep pets calm and make the job more straightforward.

    It is cordless and rechargeable; and the battery lasts for two hours after a three-hour charge.

    In the UK? View now at amazon.co.uk
    In the US? View now at amazon.com 

    Groom Room Dog Claw Clippers

    Groom Room Dog Claw Clippers

    Sizes: Small (13cm) or large (16cm) | RRP: From £8 |

    Small and large sizes available to suit puppies and small dogs, as well as larger breeds.

    The comfort grip handle is designed to give maximum control, and the safety guard helps prevent over-cutting into the quick (an area of blood vessels in the claw).

    In the UK? View now at petsathome.com

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