Easter is a time for seeing family, Easter eggs, chocolate and feasting, so here is a gift guide to add an equestrian twist to the celebrations.

Carob and Peppermint Easter egg for horses

Let your horses and ponies indulge this Easter by buying them this carob and peppermint flavoured Easter egg. This egg is cocoa and gluten free and is safe for your horses and ponies to eat.
RRP: £3.95
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Linen and cotton apron

If Easter is all about the lovely roast lamb feast that awaits you on Sunday, why not buy this horsey apron to say thank you to the person cooking it?
RRP: £18.99
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Willberry the Wonder Pony Easter egg

Many of the team at Choc on Choc knew Hannah Francis personally, so they created Wilberry the Wonder Pony in chocolate to help her charitable mission. Made of milk and white Belgian chocolate, 25% of each purchase goes straight to the charity.
RRP: £2.50
Visit: www.choconchoc.co.uk

The Really Nasty Horse Racing game

The Easter period is a great time for all your family to get together and what better than a board game to enjoy? The aim with this game is the end up with the most prize money by winning it through betting on your horse or by secretly backing another. It’s a game of bluffing, double-crossing and deception and will provide hours of fun and family bonding.
RRP: £15.79
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Milk Chocolate equestrian kit

This chocolate kit will go down well with any horsey kids or the pieces can be used in an Easter egg hunt. It includes various horse riding objects, including a horse’s head, horse shoes, a rosette and a riding hat, which are all made of solid milk chocolate. Yum!
RRP: £9.99
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L’Objet Horse place card holders

Traditionally Easter Sunday is a day when people get together and enjoy a lovely big meal, which could provide the perfect excuse to splash out on these elegant place card holders. They are made of brass and are plated with platinum or gold, delivered with 25 cards for guest names and can be used over and over again.
RRP: £204 for a set of 6

Horseshoe and Hammer

This very realistic horseshoe and hammer is made of solid chocolate and is hand finished with gold and silver edible paint. This would be a great gift for the adults this Easter day or can be used as a horsey edible table decoration.
RRP: £16.00
Visit: thechocolateworkshop.co.uk

Happy Easter everyone!