Team Chasing

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Team chasingIf you enjoy your galloping over natural obstacles including hedges, then the sport of team chasing will be right up your street.

Teams of four riders compete over a course around two miles in length crossing open countryside with roughly 25 fences to traverse along the way. The jumps tend to be in a similar style to a traditional hunter trial, but are typically wide enough for more than one rider to jump alongside. To be competitive you need to be quick, so you need a horse that is happy galloping and jumping in a group.

Competition begins with novice classes with an optimum time. Novice fences have a max height of 3ft3in, but most will be smaller and you can brush through the top of the hedges so don’t be put off by the height! Horses of all shapes and sizes can be found taking part in novice team chases so why not give it a go? Once you feel ready to step up, there are intermediate and open classes run against the clock. The team with the fastest three riders home will be the winner in these.

The team chasing season typically runs during the autumn (September to November) and the spring (March to April).

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