Finding the key to talented but strong horses *H&H Plus*

  • Nearly every rider has experienced a horse that pulls like a train – and it’s not an enjoyable feeling. Lucy Elder talks to those who have found the key to famously strong horses and how these blossomed into wonderful partnerships

    MOST riders will have heard the old adage of “if you don’t pull, they won’t pull” at some point during their time in the saddle. While grounded in truth, it isn’t always so simple. But there are steps that can help, starting with understanding, training and building mutual trust.

    “It’s about getting to know them and building that partnership,” says Charlotte Alexander, who retrained the likes of Denman, Earthmover and Ulck Du Lin.

    “If you are taking on a former racehorse at an older age, their bodies are going to be more set in a certain way. There may be only so much you can do on the schooling front, so it is about building up that relationship.”

    This exclusive feature is also available to read in this Thursday’s H&H magazine (1 April, 2021)

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