A competitive mindset: how to crank up your motivation for post-pandemic success *H&H Plus*

  • With the return of affiliated competition on the horizon, riders are tuning back into their competitive instincts. Madeleine Silver asks the experts how to crank up motivation and prepare for post-pandemic success

    Ask dressage Olympian Laura Tomlinson what show she’s dreaming about when this is all over and she’ll tell you in a nanosecond: Olympia.

    “For me, normality would be an arena full of a packed crowd, a freestyle, that hustle and bustle,” says the mother of three, who admits that her horses were something of a sanctuary from the “the chaos in the house” during this lockdown.

    After a year of turmoil and pent-up ambition, competitive instincts might be fiercer than ever, but preparing to perform on any stage after such a hiatus is a daunting prospect.

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