Post-competition debriefs: what riders really need to hear and when *H&H Plus*

  • A competition debrief helps a rider assimilate their experience, and provides valuable team information. Ellie Hughes talks tactics with riders and coaches...

    PICTURE the scene: a top rider has just left the arena after a high-pressure test or round that has been crucial for Britain’s fortunes at a major championship. Emotions are running high and the atmosphere in the collecting ring is electric. The rider’s first port of call – sometimes even before dismounting – is a quick debrief with the team manager or trainer.

    There is a pat on the back and heads are nodding, but what exactly are they talking about? Are they reliving the ride down the final treble, discussing what might have caused the missed tempi change, or is it a more general overview? Is a post-performance debrief something we can all benefit from and, if so, who should we enlist to help?

    According to British eventing team coach Chris Bartle, what is said in the immediate aftermath depends entirely on the situation.


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