When equine insurance saves the day… *H&H Plus*

  • Your monthly insurance bill may seem like an avoidable drain on resources, until disaster strikes and you find out just how valuable it really is, as these four stories demonstrate...

    “A 50% chance he wouldn’t return to eventing”

    JUSTINE PARKER knew something was wrong with her beloved three-star eventer Alfie by the way he was standing in the field one morning last May.

    Scans revealed the 10-year-old Irish Sport Horse had damaged the sheath of the deep digital tendon flexor in his right fore and he was given a 50% chance of returning to eventing.

    “I was devastated as not only do I adore him but it has taken me five years to get him to that level,” says Justine, who is national director of sport at British Showjumping.


    This exclusive feature is also available in H&H magazine, 18 March 2021 issue

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