Equestrian insurance

When trying to pick the best horse insurance for your needs, at the right price, you need to consider what your requirements are and it’s really important to read the small print as not all policies are created equal.

There are a wide range of specialist horse insurance providers in the market, who understand the needs of horse owners, so it is worth shopping around, but horse insurance is not a type of cover where it is simply a case of choosing the company that offers the lowest premium. It is worth doing your research into who has a reputation as being the best horse insurance provider for the type of cover you need.

Most policies can be tailored to an owner’s requirements with typical cover available for mortality, theft and straying, vet fees and third-party liability, with tack, personal accident and loss of use as common added extras. Vet fees cover is typically up to a set value per incident with a choice of excess options which can either be a set amount, or a percentage of the overall claim.

The activites you plan to undertake with your horse will effect your insurance premium. It will typically cost more to insure a horse for affiliated eventing than a horse that is taking part in local show and riding club competitions. This reflects the increased risk as owners ask their horses to undertake more demanding activities.