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    Shearwater Insurance was established in 1992 and initially specialised in horse insurance. Over the years the company has expanded its range of policies and now offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of equestrian insurance policies in the market.

    Is your horse’s home covered?

    Home insurance is one of life’s unavoidable costs, but have you considered insurance for your horse’s home too? Stables are often the epicentre of an equestrian’s world. Protecting that haven, and often that significant financial investment, could pay off in the long term.

    Specialist equestrian insurance brokers, Shearwater Insurance, offer expert advice on insuring equestrian properties.

    Stables at home

    Equestrian properties are a niche market and require specialist cover to ensure all aspects are protected – your stables, your feed and forage, and not forgetting the expensive equipment. A standard household policy is not designed for the non-standard nature of an equestrian property and therefore tends to only offer limited protection.

    Equestrian policy wording is tailored and designed to consider that the horses are the main residents of the property. You should also bear in mind that many household insurers will not cover you for all your equestrian equipment.

    In the event of items such as showjumps, feed, hay, bedding, and tack being damaged or stolen, the financial consequences could be disastrous if adequate cover is not held – not to mention the inconvenience. By using a specialist equestrian insurer, you can have peace of mind that all your valuable possessions are protected.

    Stables for clients

    If you run a yard, be it a private training yard or a busy livery yard, you’ll need to consider your clients, your staff, and your equine residents, as well as the buildings and equipment in your possession. Take the sting out of combining multiple policies by investing in a comprehensive equestrian property policy, which protects against both accidental and malicious damage, theft, loss of income, and more.

    If you have staff, it’s a legal requirement that you have employers’ liability, which can be added onto a public liability policy for maximum coverage.

    Stables for friends

    Many equestrians believe that having DIY liveries or having friends’ horses stabled to keep your own horse company does not count as having a livery yard. However, if that horse escaped and caused any third-party property damage who would be liable?

    Livery yard liability can cover you for such circumstances. This could also provide cover if members of the public stroke a horse over a fence and it subsequently bites them. No number of disclaimers can prevent you being held liable if the livery or member of public can prove that you were negligent in some way.

    Additionally, property owners’ liability is included within livery yard liability, which protects you against instances where members of the public are injured on your land or in or around your buildings. This aspect is also available in isolation for private yards.

    Why work with an equestrian broker?

    When you were looking for your home, was it all about the price? For most, there’s so much more to finding the right home than its price. The same can be said for insurance.

    As much as insurance brokers, like Shearwater, are legally bound to provide you with the best policy pricing available to them, they also have the breadth of knowledge that allows them to provide a policy that meets your needs – spanning the gap between personal and equestrian insurance.

    With time taken to understand what makes your equestrian property special, an experienced broker can produce a policy that provides buildings cover, liability insurance and cover for your contents, all in one easy conversation.

    Ready to discuss your customisable and comprehensive insurance options? Call Shearwater Insurance to chat to an experienced advisor who understands the unique requirements of your equestrian life. Quote HH20 for £20 off equestrian liability policies. Visit www.shearwater-insurance.co.uk or 01992 718666

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