Work-life balance with horses: how professional riders achieve it *H&H Plus*

  • With horses taking priority, time off is often seen as a luxury, not a necessity, for most professional riders. Ellie Hughes chats to those who do make time for themselves and their family, and finds out how they do it...

    IF there is one thing Jonelle Price savours as much as whizzing round a five-star, it is rustling up a Sunday roast. A sit-down lunch with husband Tim and their young children Otis and Abel is a weekend ritual the 2018 Badminton champion particularly looks forward to – especially during the off-season – having spent most of the year living out of a horsebox.

    “We would normally go to New Zealand in the winter to catch up with family, but with the pandemic that wasn’t possible,” she says. “But we are still very strict about having family time. We only ride Monday to Friday and spend the weekends doing things together with the children.”

    Work-life balance is a subject to which Jonelle has given much consideration.


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