Fuel your performance: rider nutrition tips to help optimise your results *H&H Plus*

  • Riders are often guilty of overlooking their own nutrition in favour of their horses’, but both are vital for peak performance. Andrea Oakes investigates

    While their horse’s diets may be planned with precision, how many riders could say the same about their own? Skipping breakfast and reaching for sugary snacks when energy levels drop might get you through the day, but neglecting your nutritional needs can negatively affect your performance and outlook in the longer term. According to British Equestrian nutrition consultant Dan Martin, a more organised dietary approach will pay dividends in any discipline.

    “It’s easy to find excuses not to eat well,” says Dan, who acknowledges that the “equestrian lifestyle” – early starts, long hours and frequent trips away – can play havoc with eating habits. “But while the health benefits of good nutrition are well known, many riders underestimate how their diet can influence not just their own performance but that of their horse.”

    One positive spin-off of eating well is riding at the optimum bodyweight for your shape and height.

    This feature will also be available to read in Horse & Hound magazine, out Thursday 25 March

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