European Para Dressage Championships

The 2019 FEI European Championships for para dressage, dressage and jumping will be hosted in the Netherlands from 19 – 25 August. The Kralingse Bos and Kralingse Plas in Rotterdam will be the venue.

The para dressage competition is split into three tests. On day one, every rider will complete the individual test in their respective grade, with individual medals awarded in each grade. Next comes the team test, which will be ridden by all four members of the team, with the best three scores from this test only to determine the team medals. The best eight riders from the individual test in each grade will then go on to contest the freestyle competition, which has its own set of medals. There are 11 sets of medals up for grabs in total.

Each nation can enter either a maximum of two individuals, or one team of three or four. Every para rider is classified according to their disability and the degree to which it affects their riding. Grade I is for the most severely impaired athletes, and grade V is for the least. Every team must field at least one rider from grade I, II or III, and no more than two from the same grade.

Britain has an excellent record in the team competition and will be looking to expand on that this year. Find out who is on the British squad

European Para Dressage Championship timetable (local time)

Tuesday, 20 August

  • 11am: Horse Inspection Para-Dressage horses
  • 1pm: Official Training Para-Dressage horses

Wednesday, 21 August

  • 9am: Individual Test Grade 2
  • 11am: Individual Test Grade 1
  • 3pm: Individual Test Grade 3

Thursday, 22 August

  • 9am: Individual Test Grade 4
  • 1pm: Individual Test Grade 5
  • 5.40pm: Medal Ceremony Individual Test – Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

Friday, 23 August

  • 9am: Team Test Grade 1
  • 1pm: Team Test Grade 3
  • 4pm: Team Test Grade 2

Saturday, 24 August

  • 9am: Team Test Grade 5
  • 1pm: Team Test Grade 4
  • 6.30pm: Medal ceremony team competition

Sunday, 25 August

  • 8am: Freestyle Test Grade 3
  • 9.45am: Freestyle Test Grade 2
  • 11.30am: Freestyle Test Grade 1
  • 1.15pm: Freestyle Test Grade 5
  • 3pm: Freestyle Test Grade 4
  • 4.30pm: Medal ceremony freestyle tests